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Airsoft review Tokyo Marui Hi-CAPA 5.1 (Silver)

Airsoft review Tokyo Marui Hi-CAPA 5.1 (Silver)

hey YouTube this Exodus every warrior 564 and I’m going to be doing a review on the ops MRP Cal 45 airsoft gun gas blowback so let’s jump right into this the box itself just shows a picture of it hi capa and took your money so yeah it’s opening sorry about this just for a tight instruction manual I already opened it so cold next up for mixed around so first you got your um 25 round magazine propane there’s never too busy I’ll tell you for what tell you what it is in a couple o sex seconds you’re jamming cleaning wrap your babies um there should be a railing right here but i reattached it so gun cats jump into this so to start it off the gun itself has a nice feel to it um it does have iron sights and the rail is very well I’m not variable quite wobbly so just be aware of that um the gun itself has a nice feel to it are not heavy not really heavy without the ammo clip in it and its sights are pretty nice i’m not going to lie sorry if it’s um not straight kind of hard you I can’t even see the screen so sorry about it um oh it does have very nice detail on to it it says its name right here right here and on both sides of the gun right down here the end will clip itself is all metal um propane scratches very easily so beware that um the gun this gun I don’t know what’s wrong with it but when I got it and I started firing it when you are out of beanies it doesn’t cash back although it has a little grid for it it barely catches back at all it usually slips off so um so the hop up on this guns right here and the way you have to get beyond the railing on and screws is hold a few offers pop out the pin I guess the pin to the gun this is what keeps it together well then of course you keeps it together I mean everyone knows that but but the pin sometimes are the problem getting out so you got push it with that metal tubing that’s that what it’s for so so you gotta remove the angle clip brother you can say hi there to hear your gun sup guys yeah it’s XX on me x1 yeah all I so here it is sorry I look like a gangster and just got here gut don’t like it that much so here’s the metal slide um you gotta get this metal tubing sadly put it right here there should be a couple of pins right well not pins i guess you’d say like bumps and that guide you of where you have to hit them out and when you hit those out it should be a clear whole you get the screws that are in the box under the hop-up thing i just showed you so and you should screwed on bus loose so put the gun back together just slide it get the pin um and you guys want this gun there are some responsibilities you got clean it a lot it gets dirt in it very easily and you got to have lots of gun oil cuz I put gun oil in next two days ago and it’s already almost out of it so subscribe and I hope you guys have a Merry Christmas um I you guys don’t celebrate it then that’s okay if some of you guys don’t celebrate that’s fine with me um I wish you guys a happy holidays um so just have a great enjoy your winter break enjoy everything right now so I’ll see you guys subscribe please or thumbs up I


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