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Hi everybody ! i’m back today for a new review whith our partner Airsoft Peak today a X3500 chronographe by X Cortech you find this item with 16356 code on Airsoft peak website for 118,99$ only 🙂 don’t forget the coupon code of 5$ on video description this chrony is composed of two part the screen and the detection unit the two parts can be linked it’s possible to attach the screen directly on a picatinny rail the screen need two AAA battery and two AA for this module it very easy to use just push the round button to turn on the screen rotate when you turn the chrony change the view with the cross button in setup menu you change.

.. BB weight the units rotation on/off power saving mode and backlight it work perfectly when the two parts is disassembled the diameter of the cylinder in speed unit is bigger than older versions it’s possible to attach on a tripod for me, the most interesting is 2 screen you find joule power RPS FPS Joule/cm² and BB weight (selected in setup menu) in 1 screen only the RPS and the FPS in 3 screen the old shoots the average, the max/min power it’s very interesting when you calibrate your rifle on all page a battery and reception indicator the screen work up to 10m of the speed unit without problem chronographe with two parts is very interesting for the staff attach the speed unit on tripod and the screen on your hand the other player can’t shoot in your hand the quality of assembling is good but also the finishing i found a USB connector but i don’t know why use it.

.. possibly for upgrade a firmware ??? for the fire test i use a DE Tokyo Marui with 0.25 BB screen 2 screen 3… very good ! max power min power average power but SD and ES ????? but the average is the most interesting in conclusion it’s a very good chronograph with best functionality the two parts it’s very good idea the interface is perfect and the measurement is perfect, like a X3200 see you for next video and don’t forget to live a comment and a green thumb if you like it


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