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Hello and welcome to twisteub’s workshop! In this episode, I’ll review a pistol sent by our partner: 0.20 mag. I’ll review the Rudis, made by Secutor, a new airsoft brand. In the box, you’ll find the manual, written in English, as well as spanish and French two hex keys, one of them being used to change the CO2 cardridge.

As well as a second nozzle, which can be used to adjust the power of the pistol. And of course, the pistol and its magazine. Let’s take a look at the pistol. It’s based on a KJWorks KP07 (1911MEU), which has been modified by Secutor, by adding some holes in the slide, as well as a threaded barrel.

There are also some laser engraved markings. As this model doesn’t exist in real life, I find those laser engraved markings great, as they contrast with the all black finish of the pistol. As you can see, I got the all black version, but this model exists with a silver or a golden barrel.

For me, the greatest thing about this model, is the Marui compatibility. It makes it a replica compatible with a huge amount of custom and performance parts, as you’ll see later in the video. In fact, if I disassemble my Nighthawk Talon for example, I can switch it’s parts to upgrade the Secutor.

This is a good surprise, as most of the CO2 customs on the market are KWC based ones, and you can’t find a lot of custom KWC compatible parts. The pistol is also obviously compatible with Marui magazines, allowing us to use it with gas or CO2.

I think the pistol looks great, and the finish is really good. It comes in a really clean satin black. The slide and the frame are made of aluminium, instead of the cheap zamak usually found on this kind of products.

Unfortunately, this coating looks quite fragile, as I already have a scratch on the slide. Let’s chrono the pistol. As you can see, the model is a bit too powerful for our rules (I don’t use pistols above 320 fps).

The second nozzle should lower its power. Even if I usually show you an in game test, I don’t have any thios time. In fact, I tried to use the Rudis in game, but it was malfunctioning, making a lot of missfeeds and some power loss.

Fun fact: I didn’t experience the same problems while shooting this video, which has been filmed after the game. I’ll try to bring it back to the field as soon as I manage to lower the power. I’ll know next time if it works, or if I really revceived a malfunctioning pistol.

However, a few other french airsoft channels, such as Dingchavez’s and Bleiz39’s ones also reviewed this pistol, and they didn’t experience these issues. I think I just got unlucky this time, and it should be fixed by changing the nozzle.

This model has one real problem: its autonomy. In fact, with a full propane load of a Marui magazine, I can only shoot around 20BBs. With a CO2 mag, a CO2cardridge allows me to shoot around 30BBs, which is really not great considering how much a CO2 cardridge costs.

As a conclusion, as a big fan of 1911 pistols, I’m fond of this pistol. Even if it doesn’t exist in real life, this pistol stays quite sober, while offering some interesting custom aspects. It’s compatible with BHI CQC holsters, as well as Safariland and IMI ones.

The finish is also really nice. However, the poor autonomy, which is a known KJW 1911 problem, has to be taken in consideration. And that’s all for this review, I hope you enjoyed it. As usual, if you have any question, feel free to ask it in the commentary section.

See you soon!


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