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Hello and welcome to the 5th episode of twisteub’s workshop. This video will be essentially about repairing a 1911. Please note this pistol is not mine, but his owner has lent it to me to repair it. This is why I won’t do any in game test in this video. As you can notice, this is a Golden WE 1911a1. This pistol made only 2 games when it fell on the concrete. I immediatly suspected the hammer to be broken, as it didn’t lock anymore. There is also a missing portion of the hammer. To fix it, I only used a screwdriver with many caps and some lubricant. I also ordered a WE hammer. Repair Let’s start by removing the slide. Pull it back until you reach the marker, then take the slide stop off. You can put it aside for now. Remove the left grip with a flat screwdriver.Then pull the plunger set off. You’ll need a tool to do it, as there are two metal collars. Be careful not to loose or break it. For the next step, you need to remove the main spring housing pin. Use a tool to do it. You should be able to remove the main spring housing. You can now remove the palm safety. To do it, activate the thumb safety, then remove it. The palm safety and the leaf spring should come off. The WE 1911 have a removable part at the left side of the frame. Use a screwdriver, then put it aside. You’ll have an acces to the hammer. As you can notice, it was broken. Let’s start the reassembly.I tested the hammer, and as you can see, it already moves smoothly without lubrication. I lubricated moving parts. Try to use a precise tool but don’t put too much oil on the parts. After the lubrication, the hammer works perfectly. Now we can reassemble all parts. We’ll start by assembling the left part of the frame. From time to time, check if the hammer still moves smoothly. It’s time to reassemble the leaf spring. Make sure the two right strips are above the two internal parts (not under). Take the palm safety and maintain it to reassemble the thumb safety. Then put the Main spring housing and its pin back in place. As the frame is now nearly fully assembled, I tested if it works (and yes, it works). Then you just have to put the plunger set back into the frame and screw the left grip. To finish the reassembly, put the slide back in place. Now it’s time to do a quick presentation. This 1911a1 has a really beautiful golden finish.This painting looks sturdy and really great. Especialy compared to Army and Tercel gilded 1911s with their crappy
finish. Even if there aren’t any markings, this pistol looks great. The outer barrel has a silver finish. I’d rather have a black barrel, but some of you may prefer the silver color. Plese note there is a really big gap between the slide and the frame. As you can notice, the GBB works great after the fixing. But now it’s time to check the power. As usual, I’m using Tanio Koba 0.20g BBs and some Cybergun Extreme Blowback gas. The power is around 320fps in these 5 shots. That’s all for this episode! As usual, if you have any commentary (except for my really bad English), don’t hesitate. See you soon for the 6th episode! .


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