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AIRSOFT | REVIEW | TBC | TW ep7: Lara Croft’s USP Match ( ENGLISH SUBS )

AIRSOFT | REVIEW | TBC | TW ep7: Lara Croft’s USP Match ( ENGLISH SUBS )

Hello and welcome to this video. You like twisteub’s workshop but you’re fed up with 1911’s? This video is made for you! The pistol I’m going to review is one of my favorite pistols for 5 years now. It’s an Umarex/KWA based USP Match.

I modified it with a Shooter’s design Slide and Barrel kit, as well as a KM 6.03 inner barrel. So, what is exactly a USP Match? The real weapon is made by Heckler & Koch, a German manufacture known for their USP, G36 and HK416.

This pistol is a Match version of the USP, equiped with a Compensator, a longer barrel and a Magwell. The sights are also different from a normal USP. You’ll probably know this emblematic weapon, as it’s the automatic pistol from Half life 2.

.. … But especially from the videogames and movies Tomb Raider. In fact, Lara Croft often use a pair of silver slide USP Match as her weapons of choice. My model is, in my opinion, perfectly reproduced.

It uses some strong 28rds magazines, with metal lips, making it hard to break. The magazines have a great feature: KSC’s spring locking system. The pistol also has KSC’s System 7. The pistol is also totally ambidextrous.

The mag catch, under the trigger guard, can be used with both hands. The slide release can be found on both sides. Finally, the safety lever is also ambidextrous. It has a decocking function, like the real gun.

Please note my pistol still have its safety (unlike a lot of KSC USP). About the markings, these are simply stunning (with one exception). I bought the Umarex version for the markings on the Compensator.

The markings on the Shooter’s Design slide are outstanding. It’s regular, flawless and precise. The Umarex version also has the markings on the grip. There are some writtings under the trigger guard (I think they’re accurate).

On the right side, the chamber has some beautiful markings. The only exception I mentionned before is this area on the grip, with some writtings about Umarex. I think they ruin the pistol and I’ll try to remove it someday.

I made this mark on the magwell by falling on the field while the pistol was holstered (as you can see here). For my usual chrony test, I’m using some Cybergun Extreme blowback gas and Tanio Koba 0.20g BBs.

Even if my chronograph gives some more powerful results than in reality, the pistol is really too poweful… That’s why I only use it for middle to long range, because it has a really great range and precision.

I filmed these scenes in 2013. What my camera doesn’t record are the noises coming from the pistol. In fact, this pistol makes some huge noises. As a conclusion, I’m really fond of this pistol. I use to make a lot of changes in my collection, but this USP didn’t leave me in 5 years.

For me, it’s nearly perfect, as it’s even usable in cold conditions. But as I mentionned before, I only use it for medium and “long” range, as it’s really too powerful. And that’s all for this video. As usual, if you want to ask me something, do it in the commentary section.

See you soon!


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