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Hello everybody Today, review of the TMC New Jimmy Plate Carrier, with our partner TMC The NJPC exists in various colors and patterns, this one is multicam This is good fabric quality (Cordura 500 D), the Multicam pattern and colors are correct The JPC has three front pouches. You can insert armor in front and back of it. Armor plates are not included. The three pouches are independent Velcro on front There are MOLLE attachments on front, to attach missing features of your loadout (Talkie, holster, pouch…) The NJPC can be adjusted in the back. Good news, there is a wide range of adjustable sizes One size fits all, as it can be adjusted for any player size.There are several ways to attach the straps Shoulders may also be adjusted Straps can be added on the side It’s better to wear dummy plates with this vest Since I don’t have any, I created some myself. However, regular replicas will be more comfortable as they are curved You can put 3 STANAG (M4) magazines. For other magazines (G36), there is only room for 2. This is a very good replica, great for a light or reco loadout. Buy dummy plates for better experience. As always, if you have a question, just leave a comment. Bye .


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