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AIRSOFT | REVIEW | TBC | Molle Tactical 3-Pocket Hydration Assault Backpack Bag ( ENGLISH SUBS )

AIRSOFT | REVIEW | TBC | Molle Tactical 3-Pocket Hydration Assault Backpack Bag ( ENGLISH SUBS )

Hello Youtube Today i will show you a new item by Airsoft Peak our sponsor it’s the Molle Tactical 3-Pocket Hydration Assault Backpack Bag Tan you can find it on Airsoft Peak with number 1642 it’s bag with normaly Tan color but it shoud be a Coyote color it is in 600D Cordura you can find it for 42,99$ with free shipping in this description, you will find a reduction coupon of 5$ on your next order thanks Airsoft Peak 😉 the postive fact : it is a very compact bag small modular there are lots of straps to adjust the sise of the bag the first strap fix the up 2 straps for compacting the lower pocket and 2 straps on the bottom there is a lot of molle webbing you can add some pouches on the back side you find 2 amovible straps with a buckle system it’s easy to attach or remove it if you want, you can fixe it on your plate carrier it’s almost good, because it can be used as a hydration pouch and you can carry your things on the back side it’s a meshed padded surface with the hydration pouch, talked before which it is not include, but the pouch’s space is very big here, a streched cover and under, a hole to let out the hydration tube if you want to use it you have to put the pouch in the bag directly in the main compartment or the most interesting you can place a Polar Star air tank i think is the best benefit for this backpack on the front, a little pocket with a lot of place for a big smartphone with molle webbings and velcro No brand zips but strongs good slide and easy locking sewings are well-finished it’s seemed to be strong under this one, there is another one there is a place for your notebook and small spaces for your pens all pouches are plastic coated on the external side in order to protect from wet and little rain the size seems to be good for a pellet pack another pocket with a large opening with a big capacity some other little pockets the main pouch with full opening a large mesh pocket I told you earlier about the compacity and the volume you will see the size while it is full extended it’s pretty large lots of space in my opinion, this bag is the best for Polar Star users who want to carry together a Polar Star tank, a hydration pouch, pack lunch, pellets.

.. it’s perfect for non stop games or for little OP see you soon for next videos and reviews Thanks ! Subtitles by Alix 😉


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