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Greetings Today, review of the MICH 2000 helmet, with our partner Airsoft Peak This helmet is a replica of the american helmet, in use since the mid-2000s The replica is made of fiber glass, seems rather resilient and has a pretty good aspect The fabric is granular and regular Unique size: 50 x 55 cm, weight about 1 kg It’s a little lighter than the real MICH helmets, that are 1,3 to 1,6 kg Available in TAN and Black There are 7 removable pads, useful for adjustment or cleaning The helmet also has an adjustable chin strap There are 2 velcros you can stick if you want to attach your patches This helmet has an NVG mount, useful to attach a GoPro or an NVG Beware, I could not attach my NVG, as the attachment was not at the right size.You may need to file it to adjust the pieces The helmet is a good fit. You can easily adjust the strap and pads, and there is no issue wearing a communication system under it. In conclusion, this is a good replica. It’s good for a US army or French army setup. You may even look like a UN inspector if you paint it in blue. As always, if you have any question, leave a comment. Bye. .


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