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AIRSOFT | REVIEW | TBC | Mesh Assault Hydration Backpack Multicam ( ENGLISH SUBS )


Hello Youtube ! in this new video I will present the hydratation backpack From Airsoft Peak, in Multicam this backpack will be sent by our partner Airsoft Peak, thanks a lot !!! this bag is made of two parts, a small pocket in the lower part and the main part of the bag this pocket is removable it is fixed by means of two straps here and to the rear an extra strap that is maintained by a Velcro once the pouch is detached, you have here several attachments that can suit for a cyalumes inside the pouch we find a plastic coating probably it is waterproof… but I have not yet had the opportunity to test it for the moment but I think it should be waterproof…To some extent ^^ on the back we find a extra pouch but without closures on the main part of the bag, we found a elastic that will allow to block a poncho or something like that in the lower part we find a new zip pocket relatively large in the upper part of the bag, that a quick-lock a mesh pocket on top of the bag we will find the opening that will allow us to get out the tube from the hydratation pouch the main pouch of the bag with a big opening on the top we find a mesh pouch and just below the opening another pocket to the bottom of a bag on the back it has a pocket for the hydratation pouch with 2 attachments this bag was supplied me with a hydration pocket approximately 2L (70oz) graduated up to 2L (70oz) I think we can not put more than 1.5L (50oz) here the the filler cap, relatively conventional…With seal the two holes for the fixation inside the bag in the lower we have the tube attachment is screwed to the pouch at the head we find a relatively conventional teat just pinched and the water comes out … There are no valve the tube come naked he does not have neoprene sleeve for cover it but will also help to keep the water fresh longer possibly provide an additional sleeve small defects, at least on my copy the pierces here … we used to pass the tube of the hydratation pouch is to small so that I can pass the tube so it will rectify this opening … so I do not know if it’s a default on my model or whether it is present on all of this production, but you need to rectify the hole is too small… at the back of the bag include conventional straps with Velcro fasteners to fix the tube of the hydratation pouch on each side 2 fasteners that will allow us to come hang a snap hook on passers here ties that will allow us to eventually fix anything
they are relatively thin and not very padded after you will not put 25Kg in the bag …but the padding is a little light there is also a strap for holding on the hips well to be able to hold the bag correctly at the back the back side is breathable mesh to reduce sweating and as the straps padded little… about the material … the camo is kind Multicam the fabric used would Cordura 600D relatively resistant concerning the camo I do not have Multicam at my disposal to compare yet i think the camo is good for having seen on the field a pink Multicam or other cheap this is not the case here the pattern is correct for a cheap version for the price you will not be disappointed! very good value for money 😀 So much for this bag! I hope you enjoyed this review and I’ll see you soon for new videos See you! .


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