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AIRSOFT | REVIEW | TBC | FMA 2R Regulator Goggle with Fan ( ENGLISH SUBS )

AIRSOFT | REVIEW | TBC | FMA 2R Regulator Goggle with Fan ( ENGLISH SUBS )

Hello Youtube ! It’s Mick from Tactical Black Cats I’m back today for a new review with our partner AirsoftPeak I show you a FMA google the exact name is Regulator Updated Version Goggle with Fan in dark earth color very easy lol you find this item on AirsoftPeak website with ref 16069 and it cost 30,99 $ don’t forget the reduction code of 5$ in video description it come with a very nice box good protection with attachment for belt or other inside a microfiber a clear glass and the google this mask is a perfect copy of the OTW turbo fan from Smith Optics i have one and.

.. it’s the same same profile the fan on FMA version is bigger than Smith Optics perhaps more noisier the foam on the Smith Optics is different very smooth and comfortable and a basic foam on FMA like a snow mask and the big difference the batteries box on FMA is not disconnectable on Smith Optics version we have a connector for disconnect the batteries box it’s a big advantage it’s possible to install the original Smith Optics quick attachment system very good mounting for attach/detach the mask quickly you need a specific mounting on your helmet or use the velcro but if you use this system but if you use this system, you have a problem with the batteries box the solution, use a velcro for attach the batteries box to the helmet unmount the batteries box like that the functioning is easy 1 press – max power 2 press – low power 3 press – power off it works with 2 AAA battery i try it.

.. like a Smith Optics version the fan is totally quiet i try to listen it nothing and yet it work on maximum power perfectly quiet not like ESS Turbo Fan 2 press – speed less the mask is delivered with 2 glass clear and smoked for replace it’s easy approximately 1.

5mm thickness it made with a flexible polycarbonate for comparation the original Smith Optics glass double thickness ! watch the cutting is different the original glass is not compatible with FMA without modifications no hard modifications you see the form is not strictly the same original – very hard FMA – flexible now trying the impact resistance look the deformation of the glass lot of impacts inside very impressive on the original the BB doesn’t mark.

.. It’s up to you ! with my finger i feel the impacts important deformation personally i don’t recommend this mask it resist to 4 or 5 shots to 400 fps but i’m not satisfy for your eyes you need a real ballistic protection ok it’s cheaper but you have only 2 eyes.

.. but this product is very interesting if you found a original Smith Optics glass try to adjust on it ! this review is finished i hope you like it don’t hesitate to leave questions in comment see you for next video bye !


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