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AIRSOFT | REVIEW | TBC | Element x300u flashlight ( ENGLISH SUBS )

AIRSOFT | REVIEW | TBC | Element x300u flashlight ( ENGLISH SUBS )

Hello and welcome to this video. Today I’m going to review the Element x300u Flashlight Airsoftpeak sent me. You can find it under the reference 15079. This flashlight has all the markings you’ll find on a real Surefire x300u.

The flashlight itself is made of metal. The switch and the mounting are made of plastic. The bulb looks well made. As for the real x300u, the switch is ambidextrous. In the box, you’ll also find an accessory bag, containig several mounts.

You’ll have to unscrew the 6 screws to switch between it. The flashlight comes with 2 quick mounts (a thin and a large one), as well as another one, more reliable. To use this third mount, you’ll have to assemble the tightenning screw.

It’ll allow you to adjust the retention to the pistol. Then you’ll just have to screw the two rails back to the flashlight. To put the flashlight on the rail, you’ll have to slide this part on the side.

To install the batteries (I’m using some rechargeable cr123a), follow the markings under the flashlight. The flashlight has an ambidextrous constant switch, as well as a momentary function. As you can see, it’s fully compatible with this Glock 34 (Guarder frame).

This Infinity Capsicum (Airsoft Surgeon metal kit) is also compatible. You’ll have to use the thicker rod with this Kimber (Hurricane metal kit). This Nighthawk pistol equiped with a Surefire Mr-07 rail is also compatible.

The beam is bright and condensed. I’m comparing it with an Ultrafire flashlight. As the flashlight looks sturdy, I can recomend it to those who don’t want to ruin themselves with a real Surefire. That’s all for this review, I hope you enjoyed it.

See you next time!


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