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AIRSOFT | REVIEW | TBC | Element Comp M4 red dot sight ( ENGLISH SUBS )

AIRSOFT | REVIEW | TBC | Element Comp M4 red dot sight ( ENGLISH SUBS )

Hello and welcome to this video.Today I’m going to review another item sent by Airsoftpeak. This time, it’s Element’s Comp M4 style red dot. This one is in Dark earth color, but it’s also available in black.

The optic comes in a simple cardboard box, with no “Element” branding on it. Let’s see what’s inside the box. There is a microfiber cloth to clean the lenses, as well as the red dot itself, protected with some foam.

The cloth has nothing special. Please note the red dot comes with two LR44/AG13 batteries inside it. Here is what the optic looks like. The Dark Earth coating looks well done, I don’t know if it’s sturdy yet.

There are not any marking on this red dot. It comes with some flip up covers on both side. Here is a size comparison with a Comp M2 (with a honey comb), a Trijicon Reflex, as well as a Trijicon SRS. As you can see, this Comp M4 is a big red dot.

The red dot comes with a high mount. Two screws are here to maintain the mount to the red dot, so it’s easy to remove. Because of the coating, the mount is a bit stuck on the red dot. You’ll need a screwdriver or another metallic object to remove it the first time.

Unfortunately, the two screws are too long to only keep the low mount. I managed to take one of my Comp M2’s screws, so I can use it without the high mount, but it’s not great at this price range. The reticle is a simple dot.

You can chose between a red dot and a green dot. Unfortunately, there are just two intensity levels for each color, which seems not enough for me. To switch it on or change the color, you just have to turn this switch.

As you can see, the reticle seems good, as the dot stays fix even if I move the optic. The reticle is adjustable. If you unscrew these two covers, you’ll find a flat cranted screw to adjust the dot. To mount it on any Picatiny rail, simply unscrew the mounting screw and screw it back again on the rail.

Here is the result on my custom WE based G36c. With the high mount, I find it too high and unconfortable for me (at least on this replica). As I said earlier, the optic has only two lights mode. If it looks sufficient for an in door or night use, on a really enlightened place like that, I can barely see the dot.

As a conclusion, if personnaly think this red dot looks nice. I hope it’s usable on a game, as it doesn’t have a lot of intensity. But I think it’ll stay on my G36 for a long time. And that’s all for this video! As usual, if you have any question, feel free to ask it in the commentary section.


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