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Hello Everybody! today I’ll show you a CNC V2 gearbox in 7075 aluminium from our sponsor Retroarms but before i’ll show you the definition of 7075 aluminium the packing is good the gearbox is protected by foam she is delivered with one sticker a set of steel screws and a spring guide with ball bearing the quality and the finish is very good the CNC machine allowed a very good finish she is reinforced in lot of part there’s a lot of windows in important places for example with this, you able to check the AOE angle and with this to check the position of your piston she’s carefully designed and she possessed a lot of improvement for example the cable passing is designed to prevent a accidentally breaking of the wire by a motor head the cable passing is optimised It’s able to accept a bigger wires than a original gearbox wires the wires can be extracted to the back in two positions or to the front she exist for 8mm or 9mm bushing/bearing this version is for 8mm the Retroarms gearbox is lifetime guarantee a serial number allows to check the traceability this gearbox is very light only 160g / 5.64oz Now fully assembled I’ve encountered no problems for the assembly all parts fit perfectly it’s no necessary to make a adjustment so as I was saying you see the AOE here it’s really a good point this gearbox was equipped of fast spring change system i show you it’s easy and practical like for assembly the mounting in a lower receiver fit perfectly no adjusting, no difficulty to conclude, this is a very good gearbox made by Retroarms enjoyed by all users who wishes a high end configuration and durable for his AEG this review is finished thanks for watching ! see you soon for new videos


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