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Hi everybody I’m Mick from Tactical Black Cats We’ve got a new partnership with BO manufacture Who sent us a new replica: it is the BO SHIELD made with Lonex It is a magnificent replica made in polymer life guaranted by BO There is a handle type Magpul AFG a real cap magazine 30 shots a 6 positions crane stock riffle and an ergonomic grip There is also a back sight MagPul Style and a front sight which is more classical There is a flash hider also in plastic With a screw thread 14, anti hour screwing There is a steel tether given, which is a plus The manufacturing is perfect like always with BO It’s very nice, It doesn’t look like plastic, it’s polymer, it looks real About the same make we find on frame guarder on the Glock it’s very stiff The magazine is ok; no problems The bolt catch is functional we have access to the adjustment of the Hop up We have a good handling of the replica It’s very compact and ideal for the CQB BO tells it’s about a 350FPS power I’m going to take it to the chrony About the connectivity we are on a mini Tamiya if we lift up : the hill of the butt pad then a place for he battery with the mini Tamiya You can see the specific butt tube as it accepts the blow back system BAW 3rd generation it gives a very good kick I have one and the kick is really fascinating like the GBBR For every realism lover it is just what you need Look I’m putting a Li-Po 11.

1 battery It’s better to use this model because we have a blow back system which needs a real important battery to have a good ROF See, no magazine no bullets that’s why I don’t wear glasses when full,you really feel the kick in semi it’s very good Believe me , the kick is powerful The weak point : low cadence it’s a replica with a blow back system high torque configuration so it’s a weak cadence However, we have a very good reactivity So, we have a Lonex engine, with an helicoïdal gear the head and the first gear are helicoïdal You’ll get a very important torque to the mechanic the gear box is reinforced we have a steel teeth gear steel gears steel bushing an aluminium head of cylinder with two rubber aluminium piston head and Teflon cylinder it’s a high technology gear box you will have nothing to buy to improve that gear box we have a precision steel barrel, 6,03 mm it gives a very good range on this size of replica the barrel is quite short 45-50m range with 350 FPS You’ll see an example at the end of the video with BAW Gen 3 whithout BAW Gen 3 With the chrony test we are slightly inferior to what BO says 330-340 FPS with a bullet of 0,20g But we have an adapted replica to the CQB It’s a short replica you’ll be able to play everywhere on most of the French associations fields another good point for BO ! Positive points : – a very good model with life guaranted polymer – a real cap magazine for me it’s a good thing – a fully reinforced gearbox, complete, you’ll have nothing to buy Just take your bullet and your battery and go ! – a precision barrel – good mechanic with battery 11.

1 I tested a 9.6 volt one the cycles were not completed and with a 7.4 one cycle was completed but the cadence was too low good reactivity with 11.1 – the blow back system is very good superior to the Bolt replica or the last NextGen M4 Tokyo Marui for example It’s very very close to GBBR – one blow back for the ejection, – delivered with AFG Magpul style full plastic sight – and a crane stock ready to play and quite good ! Negative points : – you need a battery 11.

1 some don’t like Li-Po but the mechanic will be ok, it’s a high performance one – the blow back system because it slows down the ROF I would prefer a less powerful BlowBack but with a lot of ROF and a much good reactivity it’s my personnal choice I like it anyway because it’s powerful It’s not a real gun but it’s quite realistic it’s a good replica ! can be certain say : this is not a replica of a real firearms Yes is a M4 CQB style but is not real for me it’s not a problem It ‘s going to be sold around the beginning of February 2015 on the BO site and also in all the brand reseller everywhere in and out of France.

The price is 429€ for a replica you won’t have anything to buy to improve anymore So if you buy a basic one with extra items to buy to improve it will cost about the same you dont need a skill for mounting and you are a shop waranty This is the end, now you can watch an exercise with it See you again later on for new videos and new items you’ll want to buy ! 😉 with TBC we prepare you a lot of good things Subscribe, like and share we are very happy that you like our video dont hesitate to put a question on Facebook or YouTube See you ! LLLEEEEERRRROOOOYYYYYYY ^^ sub by Alix


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