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Greetings and welcome to Bas les Pattes Today, we review the Wolverine SMP New product in the HPA (High Pressure Air) family We are glad to show you this product It was released in July in the USA and August in France You know the polarstar system Today we won’t compare Wolverine and Polarstar We’ll show you the Wolverine and how the HPA system works HPA is a new family in airsoft It will not replace AEGs and GBBs, but it provides a new way to shoot BB HPA are popular in the US. Feedbacks are good But it will not suit everybody Air bottle and pipe do not suit everybody HPA system has been created 10 years ago But at that time, there were huge technical limitations The system was not reliable then JB airsoft has packs ready to play The pack costs 549€, 649€ or 749€ The price difference is coming from the air bottle (aluminum or Kevlar) And from the regulator JB Airsoft suggests the 649€ pack Here is the content of this pack What’s in the box Handbook Contactor Switch Electronic regulator (ACU) SMP system (solenoid) Metal cylinder 3D patch Screwdriver Let’s see that in details Let’s review the items along the presentation The SMP system has only one solenoid The system is simplified to have the minimum amount of pieces Only the noozle is mobile Which is held by O-rings You can set it in any V2 gearbox Whereas Polartsar provides full gearboxes (V2, V3, M249, M60) SMP is 100€ less expensive SMP is more versatile And is naturally designed for V2 gearboxes Let’s inject handle in the grip The washer is threaded It allows to attach the butt tube to the gearbox The contactor remplaces the switch There are 2 contactors One is linked to the trigger The other is linked to the fire mode switch It is set a the switch position The contactor allows to link the switch to the ACU Here we do the wiring to the back The ACU goes in the butt tube The ACU is adjusted with the screwdriver The polarstar ACU needs joystick and LCD screen to be adjusted The potentiometer manages the air flow at the noozle exit The other allows to manage the rate of fire Here, the ACU goes in the butt tube The battery is only used for the ACU Low consumption The battery can last for days Air bottle is mandatory for the HPA Here is an aluminum bottle There are also Kevlar bottles The manometer indicates the bottle pressure The aluminum bottle has a 10 years lifespan The Kevlar bottle has a 5 years lifespan The threaded part is attached to the
bottle The screw releases air in the bottle Or blocks the air flow The second manometer allows to regulate pressure It can be adjusted with a key You can adjust the SMP from 40 psi to 120 psi It’s equivalent to 300 fps to 460 fps The Polarstar goes from 90 psi to 120 psi And power can only be modified by changing the nozzle There is an issue with the HPA system It’s easy to change the power after chronometer testing Cheaters have always been there, even before the HPA system Event organizers may lock the bottle in order to prevent cheating However, even with AEGs and GBBS, cheaters will find a way There is no need to modify anything else in the gun It is recommended to have high quality barrel and Hop Up joint So far, no negative feedbacks on the product About the product wear This noozle has made 250 000 cycles Joints are still looking good The metallic pieces anodizing looks also good Very few pieces, only the nozzle is mobile You should grease the joints every 25 000 cycles Here is how we operate the system Link to the battery Check the electric wire Link to the air pipe Open the air bottle Attach the butt, and here we go It’s working fine Here we augment the rate of fire Rate of fire is crazy You can’t use that while playing But it’s working, and it’s powerful And the mechanic parts are not impacted AEGS have way more mechanic fatigue When using a machine gun, it’s good to have a high rate of fire This is a King Arms M&P 15 Magpul replica Custom by The bottle is light Once adjusted, the pipe won’t bother the operator Semi auto shooting test Full auto shooting test, with high rate of fire Notice the low level of sound Silencers are even more relevant To shut the sound of the ACU coming from the barrel It’s impressive SMP is available at JB Airsoft Don’t forget to subscribe Don’t hesitate to comment Bye


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