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AIRSOFT | REVIEW | TBC | BAS LES PATTES #16 | BO Manufacture Hubert.14 Commando ( ENGLISH SUBS )

AIRSOFT | REVIEW | TBC | BAS LES PATTES #16 | BO Manufacture Hubert.14 Commando ( ENGLISH SUBS )

Hello and welcome to the HUBERT.14 Commando review Let’s undbox it The box is rigid. There are 4 locks. It contains: gun, cleaning rod, magazine. 96 units limited series. The gun is sold 759 euros. Commando Hubert is one of the six French National Navy commandos.

The paintjob is a tribute to this commando. The default gearbox has steel gears, steel piston teeth, 8mm bearings. Also, the gun has a 6.03 mm barrel and an Hop-Up joint 50j. Thanks to those parts, the gun has an excellent reactivity and a good rate of fire.

This is an high-end gun, which is the market BO Manufacture aims for. Let’s see the details Markings are dedicated to Commando Hubert with their symbol and an unique serial number. The paint job is pretty unique, with a branches and leaves pattern.

With time, the paintjob will get more realistic, as the most exposed parts will lose the paint. Regular 470 BBs high cap magazine Folding stock Battery goes in the handguard. It’s better to put it while the gun is vertical.

Just remove the pin. Regular G36 fire mode selector. Paintjob can be visible here. Selector is ambidextrous Functional arming lever. It opens the hatch to access the Hop-Up dial. Handling is perfect, gun is quite compact.

The gun is pretty heavy. The sights are easy to use. Very good reactivity and good rate of fire. The gun is also very accurate. Thanks BO Manufacture for this partnership. Don’t forget to subscribe and see you soon in Bas Les Pattes.


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