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Hello and welcome to this video. Today I’m going to review what’s has been sent by our new partnership: shootgame. Shootgame is a French Paintball and airsoft shop, which recently started to make it’s own BBs and accessories brand: Revolt.

They have two shops, located in the south of France. I’m going to show you what was in the box. First of all, there was a Revolt Baseball cap. These two BBs samples were also in the box. It’s some Revolt bio BBs, in 0.

20 and 0.23g. I’ll test it and review it in my videos. There were also 3 patches. One with the Revolt logo, and two with Shootgame’s logo. They also sent me a Revolt BB loader. It’s simply a BB loader, with its GBB adaptor.

There was also an Element Larue Tactical style vertical grip (FDE). And a replica, lent to me by the shop to test it. Let’s start by reviewing the grip. It’s an Element Larue Tactical style vertical grip, with a QD mount.

It’s a simple product, delivered with 3 backplates. Here is how to mount it The replica has been lent by the shop. It’s an ASG Sportline version, probably a repacked Well Scorpion. The box itself is nicely printed.

Inside the box, you’ll find a few shooting targets, a French/English manual and some BBs. In this tiny box, you’ll find the special battery and its charger, as well as an accessory bag, filled with an allen key, a screw to put the rail on and another barrel.

There is also a plastic picatiny rail, which can be screwed under the barrel. The replica itself has a nice finish. Unfortunately, it comes with a 57BBs Hicap mag. It should have come with a midcap, especially because it would have the same capacity.

It’s easy to insert. The replica comes with an orange cap. The design is a bit atypical. I personnaly find it funny. Here is where the rail can be mounted. You can put any accessory on it, but a vertical grip would bother the magazine operations.

The receiver, as well as the controls and the magazine are made of metal. The only plastic part is the grip. It’s an AEP (Automatic Electric Pistol), some kind of compact AEG, with a tiny gearbox. I’m personnaly fond of this kind of products, as I own a Marui MP7 AEP for nearly 5 years now.

The ergonomy is quite good. It has a retractible stock, easily unfoldable. This stock is flimsy, and really not ergonomic. Here is a zoom on the fire selector. The safety is in the center, the semi auto mode on the right side, and the full auto mode is on the left side.

The mag catch is located on the left, as the replica isn’t ambidextrous. The fake charging handle is the only ambidextrous control. The ejection chamber, at the top of the replica, hides an adjustable hopup.

Here is how to put the battery: open the hatch under the grip, put the battery in the right side, replace the hatch, and the Scorpion is ready to fire. Unfortunately, the AEP batteries are a bit weak (7.

2v NICD 800mah) Let’s start the usual chronograph test (0.20g Tanio Koba BBs). As you can see, it’s not very powerfull, but the trajectory is quite good and the hopup works normally. Unfortunately, I don’t have any firing test, because the one I made were done with some bad quality BBs, resulting in a lot of missfeeds and a shitty range.

As a conclusion, this Scorpion looks nice, except for two things. First of all, the battery is really weak, and there aren’t any adaptable lipos on the market (I’ve got a lipo battery on my MP7, but it has been custom made).

The other thing is its finish. It’s a really nice matt black paint, but its one of the most easy to scratch paint I’ve seen on a replica (I can scratch it with my nails!). That’s all for this review. As usual, if you have any question, fell free to ask it in the commentary section.

See you soon!


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