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Greetings Today, review of the MSR-009 with our partner ARES The MSR-009 is based on the Sako TRG-42 It’s a finnish sniper rifle manufactered since the 90’s Many countries use it, but it’s well known thanks to the Hitman video games The Sako TRG-42 is the default sniper rifle of Agent 47 In game, it’s called Kazo TRG, most likely for licence reasons ARES announced this airsoft gun 4 years ago, and it is now available There are 3 colors: Black, TAN, OD The gun is provided with bipod a magazine (pretty heavy) Loader Scope ring cleaning rod and shims The gun is well packed, there is no issue related to transportation The gun is very well made, we can’t see any molding default The gun weight 4,6 kg (10.

1 lbs) and is 123 cm (48,5 inches) long It is well balanced, there is not a heavy weight on the gun itself There is no marking, only a sticker inside the gun The scope ring is attached to the upper rail Unfortunately, this is not a standard picatini rail If you wish to change the scope, you hve to screw and unscrew a lot The hop up is adjusted from the top of the gun It may be a challenge according to the scope you use, but in my case it worked well The stock can be adjusted with the shims The buttstock may also be adjusted The bipod may be folded both ways, and is also telescopic The sling may be attached in the fron of the gun, as well as in the stock Chrony time! 23 BBs in the magazine Test made with 0,20g BBs and Walther gas It’s better to use a drier gas for this kind of gun, but I didn’t have any at the time of the test Of course.

.. Note here the trigger sensivity For the technical part, I’ll be assisted by Herrison, who has good knowledge in sniper guns The gun is easy to disasemble Unscrew the first screw at the stock The the screws under the gun Unscrew the gun Here is the hop up The side of the sling attach can be changed Good thing: there is almost no void between inner and outer barrel The gun is 640 mm long and 6.

04 mm diameter The hop up and its parts are custom made by ARES There are marks in the hop up block to maintain the barrel This is a standard hop up joint We add teflon on the hop up joint We add a little chatterton to nullify any vibration between inner and outer barrel There is a mark to make sure the hop up block is in the right position Let’s try it on the field Seems rather precise, right? The test is conclusive on a team mate at 35 meters (39 yards) Contact! In conclusion, this is a very beautiful gun well balanced, and nice to use 330 FPS is pretty low for a sniper rifle, you may have to upgrade it to improve its performance.

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