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AIRSOFT | REVIEW | TBC | 4X FXD Magnifier with Adjustable QD Mount ( ENGLISH SUBS )


Hi Youtube ! i’m back for a new review with our partner Airsoftpeak today i’ll will show you a 4X magnifier from AIMO you find this product on Airsoftpeak website with ref 15462 and cost 72.99$ it came in simple cardboard box without protection you found in the magnifier a allen key and a microfiber it deliver with two flip cover removable this version is in Dark Earth finish this is a paint and not a anodising good finish, no marking or dripping but it very fragile you see a little scratch binds to handling a QD mount is delivered it’s easy to attach on a standard picatinny rail with a flip system it’s possible to detach the magnifier from the mount if you need to release quickly or using for viewing a point for the mounting, very little adjustment it’s possible to adjust the height with some little spacers like this i need to remove some many for correctly adjust the magnifier with this screw, you adjust the tilt angle but not much and this big screw, for adjust the centering for a perfect alignment with your optic good optical quality no deforming, no blurring the zooming is conform to 4X now the installation on my airsoft rifle just screw it done for mounting the magnifier push the lever and slide it and lock flip button for switching to short or long range but it have a big problem of positioning with my Eotech it’s too high the magnifier is too high, even with the adjustments therefore is impossible to use it correctly i don’t know, this problem is due to my version of Eotech but i testing with a micro T1 and a problem is the same for the moment it’s impossible to use this magnifier caused by the bad possibilities of adjustments for conclusion the magnifier is good quality good zooming up to 4X but the mounting is very bad and don’t able to using in optimal condition isn’t normal for 73$ if you already have a mounting but a bad magnifier this is very good but if you need a complete magnifier with mounting and you need a full optic i don’t you recommend this magnifier… .


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