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Airsoft Review – Strike Industries/Madbull Sling Catch – ENG subs

Airsoft Review – Strike Industries/Madbull Sling Catch – ENG subs

Hello everybody, I will present you a very nice item, the Sling Catch from Strike Industries Small box, small item I bought it on Ehobbyasia website for 21$/18€ It’s hard to find for european people, it is sell on the SI website but they don’t ship to EU because they’re based on US Little specificity The brand should be SI but it’s writed Madbull Here too Despite it’s write SI everywhere on the packaging I asked to SI why, and in fact they licenced the sling catch to Madbull too, so they have both version on the market I show them the box and impossible to know if it’s a Madbull or SI version, but they said it’s exactly the same Madbull produce quality items, so it should be correct Let’s go, open the box! A small instruction Then velcro tape And the sling catch The plastic is really hard It’s not a cheap product It draws a very solid feeling You can notice little stakes Even it’s not a common item, I check another sling catch (Laylax) and it’s not the case for other items The goal of the item is to keep the sling away from your neck.

You have to add this item on your chest It will keep the sling on this edge and avoid the irritation of the sling It seems this product has been developed in collaboration with some special forces Because they have this kind of problematic, like airsoft players And you can use it with all kind of sling To install it, you have to follow the instruction In english of course With some visual explanations I will not read it, you can thank me to not hear my horrible accent I will show you the installation on my chest You need the velcro tape to install it This part should be on the extern side of the chest The velcro must enter on this hole You place the sling catch on the chest You cycle the shoulder strap with the velcro And then you can close the loop Let see this on the chest Here his what I used before the sling catch I used velcro tap, or many differents snap hook This last one do the job But you can see the position, it’s not the best for the sling It’s not easy to move the sling or pull it out, but it’s not a bad solution “Blablablabla, I speak too much” This snap hook is just not as usefull than the sling catch Installation of the sling catch on the chest I repeat the same thing than the previous part, I let you see 😉 Now, you can notice the first default of the sling catch package The velcro tape is too short for large chest It’s not possible with my Defcon5 Commando harness To fix this problem, I use some new velcro tape It’s done, problem fixed As you can see, the sling catch can’t move in any directions You can see the sling catch in situation For the demonstration, I used a heavy weight airsoft gun The WE L85, 3.

8kg not 5 I used a 3 points sling, near the same than 2 points sling Just put the sling on the sling catch, and that’s all And now, it’s only happiness When you use your gun, the sling stay on the sling catch and never go on your neck You can see some differents usage It’s the best solution if you use heavy guns To conclude For positive point It is really efficient It avoid the neck irritation and allow a fast and smooth usage of the sling The product seems very solid, reliable After many games with, I didn’t notice any damaged area Regarding the benefit, I don’t think it’s really expensive 18€ to avoid neck irritation, it’s not a joke Another positive point is the easy installation Velcro are really easy to use And it’s a light product, something like 35g It will not add weight on your configuration About these holes, it seems it’s a security solution if the weight is too heavy I know there is the same system on some rings I don’t know the force needed to break the sling catch, but I think it should be very high About negative point I just notice two The first one is the velcro tape, too short It’s pity because it’s not expensive for the brand, if they added more longer tape, it would be better, just cut the tape at the requiered size Last default, it only exists in black color If you don’t want a black item on your loadout, it will not be possible without some paint I think it could be easy to produce it in different color, so it’s a little pity It’s very light negative points I hope this new review was nice, if you like it, don’t hesitate to comment, share to your friend, like Thank you very much, see you!


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