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Airsoft Review : SRS A1 Sport 20″ Silverback Airsoft French

Airsoft Review : SRS A1 Sport 20″ Silverback Airsoft French

Hi everyone and welcome to this new Pre6sion video Today I have the great pleasure to present you one of the most awaited replicas of this end of year 2017 The SRS Sport 20 inches This replica was lent to me by Univairsioft, whom I thank in passing Univairsoft, shop on which I will return at the end of the review especially regarding the system in place to buy SRS from Univaisoft But let’s go straight to the presentation of this SRS and start with the packaging Because it is quite different from the boxes of the old gen Before, you only found a simple sticker on the top of the box, with the brand, modelof SRS, here’s mine, 22 inches Just a minimum of informations, and on the side of the box, lenght, color, serial N° On the new box, new gen means new packaging too, on every side of the box you can find something, On the top, the SRS model, print on the box.

Recall of the brand on the side And like on the old gen of boxes, you find all infos about your SRS, color, lenght, pull or push version and left or right handed and serial N° Like on the gen1 boxes, you can find the warranty tape.

If the tape is cut, don’t accept the delivery Inside the box, no difference between the new and the old packaging. User’s manual and same spaces like the old gen Silverback’s morale patch Regarding the user manual, I regret that this is not the manual of the sport version, but that of the version 16, 22 and 26 inches it does not matter because the assembly remains the same for this model we’ll meet right away for the presentation of the replica Once mounted, we end up with the SRS 20 inch SRS, which closely looks like the others models of SRS The only visual differences are the shorter hand guard and the lack of a monopod.

But there is the possibility to install the stock monopod that you can buy on Univairsoft because we feel the presence of the thread that suggests that we can install the original monopod Also new on this SRS Sport, the setting the hop up which remember on the old gen, with the standar hop up chamber the adjustment was done using a hexagonal key With this new SRS, SIlverback has added two rods that can adjust the hop up without the need to use the old hex key the only defect could be that these rods are plastic and could break during a fall.

Except this, you can set your hop up very fast I think it’s it could be better to have these rods in steel, instead of plastic This 20 inches version completes the range of SRS. Remeber that 2017 have seen the release of severals versions of SRS.

Left handed version, G-spec version, this 20 inches version, the Gen 2 conversion kit Here’s updates of this 20 inches version : New mag catch, new piston sear, new bb tube where o-ring was removed, remember this old o-ring causes feeding issues My srs have these feeding issues with the old bb tube.

With the new bb tube, no problems of bb feeding In this SRS, new trigger box with new design, M120 Spring Other big difference between this gen and the old, the inner barrel come with barrels spacers, unlike the old version that have a barrel that fits perfectly into the outer barrel.

The inner barrel needs 2 barrel spacers So we understand that this kind of modification can lower prices Understand that this drop in price is not explained by a choice of poor quality materials But more by the use of other systems, such as barrel spacers for example or the removal of the monopod All of these things contribute to lowering the price of this SRS Now let’s move on to the things that have been changed The sear was re designed to prevent it from marking the breech With the old gen, you can hear that people have trouble with breech marking With this new design, the sear don’t mark the breech.

Continue with the sear, with this new gen, silverback gives us the possibility to change the position of the sear in the case where it will be used and restores grip on the breech because even if these pieces are reinforced, they can still be used The new system allow you to restor the grip of the sear Great thing !!! Which will save you from buying a new sear At the aesthetic level, we can see that the texture of the body has changed to make it less brilliant On the old gen the body is smoother, whereas here, we feel a slight roughness that is not debilitating and even gives a little more character to the SRS.

To be honest, i prefer this texture even if we can fear a material more sensitive to traces and impacts. Mine is already falling and so far it is almost not marked Good point for the finishing of this SRS Sport , the molding traces are not too present we can see that the look of this SRS sport does not change the look of other SRS LIke on the SRS 16 inches, no muzzle brake.

So you’ll have to buy one to install a silencer Sorry, it take time to unscrew it and you can see the inner barrel. But it remains to see the improvement that I think will please everyone. This improvement is the one about the mag catch On the first generation, it was quite difficult to remove the magazine with one hand That’s how it was on the older generation, impossible to make it fast.

With this new design of the mag catch, you can remove the magazine with one hand easily He didn’t fall alone, be sure Firstly it snaps very well and also removes very easily This small improvement, without being revolutionary will allow you to gain some useful seconds during your games For me it’s a great improvment !!! Small additional information, the inner barrel is a 510 mm 6.

05 mm in diameter Easy to find if you want to upgrade it mall detail, with this SRS 20 inches, you will have only one rail picatiny, where the old generation provided us with 3 of these rails Chronograph Test Announced at 410 fps, it turns out that the power has been changed to take into account the phenomenon of joule creep Shooting test With a speed around 365 fps,only shooting tests at 30 meters on target and 50 meters will be conclusive, beyond that I will have needed far too muchtrajectory compensation so that the test is really representative of the real capabilities of SRS Sport 22 “.

Please excuse the absence of sound that is due a setting error 30 meters, bb’s 0.36 GEOFFS, standing shot 50 meters, bb’s 0.36 GEOFFS, sitting shot So that’s the end of this 20-inch SRS review, I really wanted to show you the intern of this SRS, but as it is a replica that I was lent I did not want to risk losing or breaking an element For me, silverback gives a very good SRS, and even if it is not a major change have a cheaper replica with real improvements and better quality parts the absence of the monopod does not make a real difference the spacer barrels instead of the inner barrel built into the outer barrel don’t make a big difference too Sincerely, I congratulate silverback for making improvements without raising the price This Sport 20 inches comes perfectly and brilliantly complete this range of SRS 16, 22, 26 inches, g-spec, push or pull version, right or left handed.

Personally i prefer the pull version it depends on everyone’s preferences This srs exudes strength, nothing moves My favorite thing is to make it easier to remove the magazine, About the internals parts, everybody know the quality of these parts no need to change everything, jsut the spring and go.

This replica is “ready to play”, unlike others that prides itself on offering the best replica in the world If you know what i mean, but no controversy I repeat, it’s a very very good job from SIlverback unfortunately I could not win you this replica because I will need it for other tests that I will talk about later To finish this video, I will explain how to order your SRS at Univairsoft the system is quite practical provided you respect some dates As I just told you, about Univairsoft, all the SRS are avaible on order Pre-orders ends every end of month and every first of months, orders are sent to Silverback the order is received at Univairsoft between the 15th and 20th of each month upon receipt at univairsoft, orders are shipped to france and all over the world the same day Remember: Your order before the end of the month, receipt by Univairsoft between 15th and 20th of each month and shipped on the same day the advantage of this system is that you are sure to always have the latest version of SRS the disadvantage is that you have to wait a little over 20 days to get your SRS Also note that the entire silverback parts catalog is available from Univairsoft Go on the website of Univairsoft and you’ll probably find the part for your SRS.

I still want to thank Univairsoft for the loan of this replica Don’t forget to go on the pr6sion facebook’s page and like it GIve a plus to this video you the Pre6sion channel I try to give you more content, but it’s difficult to have content to give I hope you enjoy this review, comment this video if you want I hope to make an other review as soon as possible Thank you all and see you soon Comparative table of commercialized SRS models


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