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(AIRSOFT) Review Secutor Velites GII

(AIRSOFT) Review Secutor Velites GII

hello and welcome to the new tss video today for the presentation of the velites g2 sector so for unboxing here is the box so with a fairly worked visual we have some information on it is also a miniature of the replica itself inside we will suddenly find a user manual of safety instructions a presentation of the use of the replica of the same we will find a booklet with operating details and pictures and colors inside from the box we have a preformed foam which suddenly contains the replica a bb loader three cartridges a small bag of badly made marbles and a cleaning rod pecks is the main replica of the secutor g2 in terms of the specifics of the replica so suddenly we are on the brand secutor the velites g2 model the hop ups are fixed the energy released at the barrel outlet being 0.

78 joules depending on the gas used the power at the barrel output depending on the gas used and the ball weight is 290 fps the length from end to end of the replica is 470 mm the length of the internal barrels is 220 mm guns are three in number there is a tactical rail on the top the color and black and tan the construction of the republic being in metal and abs and for the weight we are on a weight of 1.

853kg high level of orders and ergonomics we have a pistol grip with a preformed shape for the borrows fingers which is very comfortable we have a front pump which is folding and which when unfolded gives optimal comfort of use on the above we have picatinny rail allowing to install some accessories as well as a sighting device could not be simpler for orders we suddenly have a trigger equipped a security and a cartridge ejection button on the other side operating in two stages first time I open the cartridge ejection hatch second step I come to eject the cartridge so that’s a great point and we gain speed in terms of replacement of cartridges therefore at the level of the operation of the replica we have to fill with gas a filling valve located on the underside of the pistol grip the operation being that of a standard shotgun we will immediately place a full cartridge in the window for inserting cartridges we will close the hatch so we will come pump to arm the replica once it is armed you can shoot therefore suddenly for the selection this shotgun being able to shoot in mode three balls or six balls at once so for the selection you will pump the pump back keep it back and in fact when the hatch ejections will open you will have access to a small latch and so backwards you are in three ball mode when you push this one forward you are in six ball mode at the level now positive points and negatives of the replica we will pass on the points positive is that the replica is extremely short so for CQBs it’s great you will be able to enter a room directly with the barrel extended towards the targets so that’s a good advantage the arming of the pump which is great and makes a noise beautiful what we have as another advantage we have against ergonomics who and she is really a power I had the opportunity to test a breacher and take the g2 partly on Sunday last the power it’s just amazing you pulled 50 meters you hit your target whether you are in 3 to six balls I think with the six ball mode we lose a little power but on the other hand we will have a pattern impact surface which is much larger in six ball mode than in three ball mode on the other hand we lose a little power and a little bit of range controls are nice handling is nice especially with the handle unfolded it’s intuitive and super comfortable we don’t have the handle broken as we could have with other replicas at the points negatives that I could quote on the secutor g2 knowing that I have it only use the filling valve on one part when you go fill it is not waterproof so at first glance should add a seal in the filling valve to prevent you from putting gas everywhere and that escapes is not very tight you fill it does not prevent the operation of the replica is this one when I received them was not leaking the first models with leakage problems at first glance they fixed this concern because when I received the replica she absolutely does not run away second point I will not say negative but unpleasant is the tail of relaxation where there are no real sensations that is to say that when you go armed the pump you will end up with a relaxation a bit like on a glock that goes be extremely hard and in fact it’s on or off you press very gently its part we had no feeling where you are going to be able to feel what is happening negative point at least one point to watch the pump which has a little play on the side so I don’t know if we’ll be able to see it at the image but that work a little on the side so in my opinion it will be necessary pay attention in part to working in this right axis and not by twisting handle and work askew because you will risk breaking in fact the pump arms by making twists which are intended to this effect so that for me is to watch I read on different websites and forums that there had been breakage in the pump arms so be Carefully operate the pump in the axis and do not force the pump aside to make life easier to prevent it from breaking what I do is that instead of taking the handle all at the bottom I take the handle along the magazine tube and I will pull the pump by helping me by sliding on the magazine tube which allows me to work a minimum in the same axis for use avoid going too much strong to avoid breaking your arms but if you go too slowly it’s the same you will not load the balls they will not fit in a mechanism so we have to find the middle ground but it is done very quickly for the rail it is practical because we can add a small target organ I preferred to put a strap attachment we managed to fit the strap attachment plus a type 552 holographic sight and it goes nickel the strap attachment I will add because I find that the strap attachment the back in fact it is good but it is necessary to add at the end of paracord and that bothers me I preferred to put a strap attachment a little bigger and be able to clipped a carabiner directly into this strap attachment while on the original strap attachment I could not fix the carabiners control of the cartridge ejector hatch is enough sensitive so take care get used to knowing where you put your hands to avoid coming partly supported open the trap and after if you take him risk breaking it I think we did the last lap point which is average that would be the painting he has a part is and it has already picked up well we see that at the store tube its rubbed and there are black marks at the strap attachment it is the same carabiner to rub and in terms of painting we do not know the best treatment which nevertheless exist for the price we will not balk I remind you that the replica is priced at 149 euros 90 for that price me it does not bother me at all the paint goes away small conclusions on the secutor velites g2 for me we is on a very good value for money it does an incredible job in cqb so suddenly not disappointed with my purchase do not hesitate to put in the comments if however you had pleasant or unpleasant experiences with this one in part feel free to put a shoot and subscribe to the tss channel for more on the lots


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