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hello and welcome to the new tss video for the presentation today scar MK 16 from home I thank bambi for the loan of the replica which will allow me to shoot this video scar MK16 L from WE so suddenly we are on a replica in the family of assault rifles of a tan color it is therefore made up of an aluminum upper in lower in polymer and a polymer stock, its name being MK 16 the internal diameter of the original barrel being 6.

3 millimeters and a length of 250 millimeters at the length of the replica cross unfold we are at 767 mm for the weight we are at a replica that weighs 3 kg 85 so suddenly it starts to to gain weight in terms of power we are on a power therefore of 400 fps without leaving the box depending on the gas so used which can be a problem but we will talk about it at the level of the upgrade which was brought to this replica the hop, up system is adjustable and the cylinder head and mobile for a gbbr replica therefore in terms of accessories which were mounted on this MK16 scar replica we have sights folding mechanism we have on the top rail a strap attachment on the picatinny rail we have a T1 microphone viewfinder on the front a housing with a torch with a remote control and the control is up on a front handle so in terms of controls and ergonomics has a pistol grip type m4 we have almost all the controls which are ambidextrous we have the fire selector lever which is here we have the eject button chargers one has the cocking lever which can be modulated is passed to the other side we will find the fire selector on this side here the button magazine ejection and the boltcatch system which is not ambidextrous in terms of ergonomics we have a cross which is flexible and which can be unfolded in 6 positions and a cheek rest which can be modular and raised or lowered for dismantling the replica nothing very complicated you have a pin which is here you push it you pulled on the other side is theoretically it shows itself so there you have the lower which is disassembled we can put it apart for the cross it so suddenly push down then be careful because you have a part of the movable assembly the return spring of the assembly mobile so the, the cross and dismantled we put it aside there you have a part therefore black on black it is not obvious a part and the springs of recall of the mobile unit so suddenly that we will go out and put aside to take out the mobile unit you take the cocking lever you push and you will have the mobile set that will come out you can dismantle the cocking lever here and recover the mobile assembly so suddenly internally on the replica in the upper in a 6 poseidon cannon 05 with the air barrel cushion and technology from poseidon and in the mobile set we will light up so you can see in the set mobile so you suddenly have an ice peak red model which is mounted in the nozzle and we have exclusively the new nozzle from Poseidon and there we realize that there is no longer any rubber seal in fact the 2 seals and finally the rubber seal of the original nozzle has been replaced by 2 seals two Teflon type segments a bit like automotive segments that will maintain the seal in the nozzle So suddenly the advantages of the Teflon nozzle will be to maintain sealing regardless of temperature roughly when you have a rubber seal this one when it’s going to be cold it will retract and in fact the sealing in the mobile assembly does not will be better which means that we have a loss of autonomy and a loss of power which is considerable and everyone knows that playing in winter at GBBR the advantage becomes extremely complicated So suddenly the teflon seals of the nozzle which are here is in fact that the teflon has no temperature variation therefore the sealing of Teflon seals will stay there even whether it is hot or cold they will not expand or contract depending on the temperature which will allow you to keep a seal in the nozzle and in the mobile assembly which is 30 degrees or less 5 identical there will be no deterioration of performance thanks to its 2 seals these two Teflon seals facing the two Teflon segments to give you an idea it is a bit like automobile segments on combustion engines or it is this are the segments that seal the inside of the cylinders between the pistons and cylinders are exactly the same technology except that here we do not need specific materials we have teflon does its job amply here is for the identical reassembly but in the opposite direction we will reassemble the mobile assembly in the body we’re going to come and put the lever back arming then there is a direction and a small dish the small dish goes in the guide in the upper guide we will take the whole spring of recall of the mobile assembly so in there is a hole puts the spring of recall of the mobile unit while maintaining it, we will slide and the butt on the upper if I manage to get out slap then there we arrive at the most complicated part so put in either the lower it is done there on the other hand it is at the level of the pin before where we will have to grope a little to find out where we are at the goal will be to align the pin with the lug provided for this purpose and here it is and so suddenly we reassembled the whole everything is functional and the trigger group generally works as a cue for the take in hand I think it’s not bad with the small handle on the front it’s always a more ergonomic level in terms of length we are of course a replica which is not too long me who likes very very short lines shorter possible for the cqb we are on a replica which is suitable it’s not either it’s not a barge you are going to do your displacements easily I think that in cqb we arrive at a length who starts to be borderline bigger it will become complicated to start move in weight then three kilos but these strange is that I don’t have the impression that it is extremely heavy so that’s a plus you go be able to use it all day long without having your arms hang without its pulling on the waistcoat etc I really have full senses whatsoever heavier than that yet there is stuff on the boxes etc.

it starts to add weight but surprisingly it seems to me light in terms of quality on the product upper is aluminum cnc so no worries the trigger groups it is the same it is in polymers but it’s not cheap it looks quite dense on the other hand what is less qualitative is the cross or there it sounds hollow what it really is I’m a little disappointed I don’t feel whether it is the same polymers used for the trigger group end the lower and the cross so it’s a bit of a shame good at first glance it fits in the time because it is a replica to who has already seen the ground to pull larigot but I even have Bambi who fell and took the cross in the teeth and this one did not break so suddenly surprisingly it holds the shock here I think that at the level of the cocking lever it is a good point for you will be able to use it as right-handed or as much left and especially that in addition to this one can the reverse pass to the other side so it’s really ergonomically speaking it’s really well thought out and here I think we went around it is necessary at the level of ergonomics at the level of the length of the practicality then there is a specific grenade launcher that can be integrated into the whole but now it starts to become titanic Bambi had tried on one part and he passed after half an hour I can’t anymore, it’s starting to make a barge again so why not if you have big arms and play sports no problem on the other hand we go there if you are frail it will start to get very very heavy and after three to four hours 5 hours of play I think it’s not the best idea here is the video is finished the video of the review of the scar MK16 from WE do not hesitate to leave a thumb if you have enjoyed the video where you subscribe to the tss channel and more on the lots


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