Home Airsoft Reviews Airsoft Review – Reebow Balaclava Kryptek Mandraque – real english sub

Airsoft Review – Reebow Balaclava Kryptek Mandraque – real english sub

Airsoft Review – Reebow Balaclava Kryptek Mandraque – real english sub

Hello everybody, let’s go for a new review, today I will show you a new balaclava It’s a kryptek mandraque balaclava from reebow gear They made cheap product, but which seems correct This balaclava is in polyester, it’s very elastic It costs something like 10€ It exists in lot of others colors of kryptek How is it once wear? Here is the render You can wear the balaclava in some different way, the low way like this one A medium and a high Let me show you behind The kryptek is pretty good But the fabric is not really breathable I feel the heat, it’s hard to stay like that Projectors are for lot of in this, but during the summer, with this fabric, it will be very hard to keep the balaclava on the head It’s better for the winter I will come closer to show you the shape I find the shape weird, with these two parts Maybe it’s because of my face, I tried to wear it differently without success It’s not really annoying, and why not in accordance with the kryptek which is a reptilian camouflage, it stays on the context it’s funny Maybe it’s due to my head size, I don’t have a big head at all But as you can see, the neck part is really close to the top of my shirt You have to close your collar and the balaclava could go down a little more It’s not really cool As a pro, the finish quality is really high for a so cheap product There is no thread, seams seem good and I washed it once, the color seems to stay Don’t forget to respect some precautions before wash it of course It’s a very good product for a low cost, a good quality, and for all fan of kryptek camouflage and people who want a balaclava for the winter This new review is finished, I hope I answer your questions If you like it, as always, put a +1, share or comment! See you soon


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