Home Airsoft Reviews Airsoft Review: Real Sword Type97B external review, accessories, modifications

Airsoft Review: Real Sword Type97B external review, accessories, modifications

Airsoft Review: Real Sword Type97B external review, accessories, modifications

hello gasoline Cooper’s a way we are going to review my time 97 be resolved augmentation bee-boop of airsoft AG a first we are going to see what comes with the gun this water plug the stop flash hider and there is an orange deep which goes to the flesh either once it’s unscrewed and it has a thread underneath this disbarment the winch rush either fits nicely underneath also cause it a fake weekend nothing yet a cleaning that jamming on this is slid into several pieces this is still enjoying rod in and fix nesting in this case when you are and of course a piece of paper that proves the gun shoots round 430 FPS and of course it comes with a steel box tonight on metal meet capacity magazine with 130 round caps t it comes it out the macro of course this is a static magazine this gun takes for m16 magazines yeah yeah this is the gun I’m going to show you the materials used in this gun II the butt plate is rubber there is a top cover which is mostly made of fiberglass reinforced polyamide 66 and the this part is made of steel and of course the a single touch one point is still asleep won’t fail don’t break this is the dis lower receiver part back part is made of aluminum and here is the fire after all save some hotel here’s the mag catch which is also steel on the opposite side there is Oh the mag magnet collects everything yeah put it on safe place yeah don’t opposite side that is the mic release button it needs beat practice to get used to it of course the pins the two men by the pins are made of steel too yeah yeah yeah the lower a receiver with the pistol grip of the for bread and the trigger guard is made of his polyamide with fiber plus 2 of course the cover the carrying handle is made of the same with real a and the the barrel assembly the charging handle and the skeleton under the cover of the carrying handle is made of steel yeah this is not see it is steel i have replaced the flash hider on this one because i have sold my KW a certain and I have this fresh rider from it and it looks pretty nice and I like it yeah yeah trigger there is a to Singa touch one point in these Melvin is on the front on the bottle you need this link to have more space war for the as long as I use I use the mac cool Emma’s to malicious link additional into point configuration and yet it is great and very easy to keep work hang it on the dance to the calm gum comes stock with the Bible sites here is the back side unfortunately I have the earth nitey son may be real late and this is not a see-through rail and you can’t use dial all sides won the Royal Guard Australia’s on the gun here the Irish sides are also steal from the back yeah the gun has a unique gearbox in the unique hope of chamber you forget to mention the barrel is 42 centimeters long and start from right here and the other end is in the mag darkness ah yeah around here and the hookup is underneath the flagpole and can be adjusted once the charging cable pulled back it is only can be pulled by that the long that’s makes the hop up adjustement submit complicated but the hope up is one set it was the seventh very tightly and it doesn’t go anywhere yeah my particular example I will not yet finished octagon yet the gun it has a unique gearbox see the tea and the number and the number which is I cannot remember the gearbox itself is Alex fake spring change system gearbox it can be accessed by pointing out this way you cannot lose this pin because it is part of the body or the receiver and it’s a bit complicated national down the camera the charging handle needs to be cooled back and then you can pull back your top cover here is the gearbox the gearbox has a millimeter bearings and in the high-speed motor the deers are unique and they can be ordered probably so if something goes wrong here is the trigger switch this trigger switch assembly it goes to the a trigger with a very long operating rod inside the body somewhere around here inside and yeah the gearbox has a quick swing change feature but it’s not that quick because you have to remove the gearbox itself over which was the complicated the gearbox is held in place by two screws and also you need to disconnect the trigger assembly here ya got ass pretty accurate like it the hop-up was a veal but it different from anything that I have before and it’s pretty pretty good cause most something wrong it’s accurate e yeah I have ordered the picatinny mount for it and these are the accessories I typically use the ACOG this is a 4 x 32 a [ __ ] the silencer super sore bhole extension as you call it and the flashlight as you can see there is not more real space on this girl and you may think how i use the decoding the flashlight simultaneously that’s pretty easy I put my flashlight in front of the ACOG yeah okay now i’m not putting the time yeah other modifications if i want really really short down this gun is seventy seventy sixty two centimeters when it has been a stop motion reader installed but with this flash hider it is only fifty nine centimeters long it’s perfect for CQB it feels like a more or less pistol because from the pistol grip it has only 15 centimeters that’s really really feels like a pistol and shoulder and it’s very it’s very comfy to maneuver in buildings what more can I say it certainly well looks unique why they they were a replica see ya downsides there is already limited battery space i use the 7.

4 both firefox in 11 million per hour battery which is the smallest you can get on the market for our soft it can even fully charged me meet you can shoot around the 1,000 shots with with one charge as you can see i have only 4 75 round green label emails and once the fourth yeah i have it somewhere and of course the stock still a claim with the gun and it’s perfectly fine in the rate of fire is average with the seven point forward but with some modifications i’m not going to show you now because i need to disassemble the whole gun remove the lower and you can use the 11-point one word the word 1100 mah firefox and it makes the gun shoot as let’s say you are going to see straight line of babies you don’t need that it’s just a waste of babies okay very good gun very rare gun feels very well built and its really very well built i only can recommend it okay rate comment subscribe


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