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*Airsoft Review * RareArms XR25 XR110 Shell Eject GBBR | Deutsch – English Subtitle


Hi Bruce here BB2K Airsoft Channel. I look forward to you today to show a special Airsoft. a milestone in the history of airsoft. it is a GBB rifle. OK you’re thinking “which is nothing special” It has a special feature! And it works without problems! It makes a lot of fun to shoot…. you see this magazine with the shells? And now you know it…correct? i show you the Rare Arms XR-110 GBBR Shell Eject Sniper Rifle you heard right… Shell eject πŸ™‚ i put on my glasses, load the gun and let the review begin So must be shell eject!!! I show you the scope of supply.But first i say thank you to SNIPER AS for this airsoft loan. The airsoft comes in this black box with Rare Arms Logo. The lettering ” Refinement Reliable Fun” is no marketing word. It is the true! Really! i had so much fun with this gun. The box contents the heavy full metal XR-110, a 15 round steel magazine, a package of 15 shells you don’t buy extra shells. You can completely fill the magazine. Well Done Rare Arms! i continue with a manual and two hex keys (hopup and CO2 Capsule) please look at the data sheet i show you now the two version of the Rare Arms Shell Eject Rifles.First the XR-110 (my review gun) replica of the M110 SASS the the XR-25. This is a replica of the SR25 Sniper Rifle. The different to the XR-110 is the M4 stock, the longer URX RIS with removable front & rear sight and 4 sling mount points. attachments: 15 round magazine for 58 Euro and a pack of 15 shells for 58 Euro Who is Rare Arms? The man behind it is a seasoned engineer, who is responsible for most of the successful gas rifles coming out of Taiwan. A shell ejecting gas blowback rifle is something that many collectors have asked for over the years, and RARE ARMS has finally answered that call. Rare Arms is currently developing to a M14 Shell Eject GBBR.It looks yummy πŸ™‚ now to the bodycheck and the haptics of this airsoft. the surface is rough. There are different shades of gray which makes the XR110 interesting. Barrel, Flashhider, Magazine, Dustcover, Fire Selector, Bolt Catch are light gray It is well balanced and easy to hold. It comes with a std M16 Stock made of plastic. This and the grip a the only plastic parts of this airsoft ( and a few small internal parts) please look at the data sheet i shoot 6 rounds through the chrono.A full C02 capsule is loaded. I use 0,2g BB. Manufacturer values: 380 FPS / 1,3 Joule That was the chrono. Now it is time
for a close up. 410mm Outer Barrel With 70mm Flash Hider (14mm CW) You can attach Silencer if you want. 320mm Free Float Rail System Handguard. A lot of space for Scope, bipods, etc. The front rail has abuilt-in front sight (looks like a james bond gimmick πŸ™‚ ) it is adjustable in high.when you close it disappears without a trace…magic πŸ™‚ at the point 123 you find the hole for the hopup. With a hex key you can adjusted. At the end of the rail you find the removable Metal Flip-up Rear Sight (adjustable left & right). the loading lever made of aluminium has a functioning lock. you must push the lock to load the gun. The X110 is like the real steel perfect for left handed people. The fire selector and the mag release are on both side. Exception: the bolt catch. Bolt catch, fire selector, trigger and mag release are made of steel. the fire selector has the position “Fire” and “Safe”. This marking you also find on the other side.The selector on the right side has a groove for the forefinger (feature for right handed πŸ™‚ ). The airsoft has no fullauto because this is like the real steel a sniper rifle. The dustcover is made of steel. It open then you load the gun. Is the cover open you can see the beautyfull stainless bolt. if you missing the forward assist i can tell you the XR-110 has no like the original. But one thing is really missing on this airsoft! This version for the german market comes without original “Soner Rifle” and KAC markings πŸ™ The markings were not removed. I can see no traces. I think comes from RareArms without markings.The only “marking” we have is the german “F”, the importer logo and on the rail the original KAC Markings. Thats all for the german market πŸ™ The grip is a little further than the original M16 grip because here is the housing for the CO2 capsule. the wide grip is very pleasant for my hand. Let’s take a look to the CO2 housing. you have to unscrew the sleeve. The CO2 capsule comes into the sleeve. then screw it back using the hex key. you can park the hex key in the hole of the grip. Good idea but it looks ugly and i think you can loose it We are now at the end of the airsoft. here you can see the std M16 Stock.It is made of stable plastic and have a sling mount and a flap. here you can put little things like chewing gum or the famous tea bags πŸ˜‰ Now to the magazine. It is made of steel with some little plastic parts. Then you look at the magazine you
don’t think it is a airsoft magazine! No gas valve, no wheels, no BB feeding. It looks extremely authentic….COOL The magazine is the place for the shells (like the real steel) the magazine looks like a std M4 magazine. But then i show a M4 mag you see the differents. The M4 magazine is smaller because of the caliber. The M4 use the caliber 5,56 Γ— 45 (.223) and the M110 use the cailber 7,62 Γ— 51 (.308) Finally it comes the loading of the XR110. The magazine has a capacity of 15 rounds. The Shells are made of aluminium with a brass colour. Looks like plastic but i think after a couple of shoot it looks more authentic.In the front of the shell you must put in the BB. On the other side you see the hole for the CO2 . The CO2 blows through the shell and shoot the BB through the inner barrel. The shells come in the magazine. Then the magazine come into the gun. I show you now how to install the CO2 capsule. The XR110 has a CO2 filling and now you can insert the mag.Now you load the airsoft by using the loading lever. The Bolt pushes a shell into the barrel. The gun is ready to go. I put on my glasses and do some dry shoots. Let’s see how the shells fly .


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