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(airsoft review) Polarstar Jack for M249 A&K

(airsoft review) Polarstar Jack for M249 A&K

Hi every body i introduce you today my new toy that i have received today from the US,from Airsoft G.I California yep Polarstar jack So this nis not engine fusion,but the new system wich is looking like a little as wolverine system,polarstar version I have got it for M249,mine is A&K model I was bored with AEG and i wished to get HPA for my 249 into the package of the Jack i got 2 papers One to explain how FCU is working,the other one,not so important.

.. we dont’t care and 3 BBwars card,reduces about 5$ each for an other order above 80$ alright,now,let’s do this here come the BEAST the main piece to put into the gear box instead od the cylinder/piston.

.. with its nozzle pneumatic wire and electronical plug then we cut all plastic bags to get the parts inside To assembly the Jack Here’s the FCU Fire Control Unit To control,adjust your fire I think that this FCU should be equivalent to FCU Fusion Engine Then,here we have the wires to plug everything This,to plug the Jack,FCU and M249 original switch to open/shut your fire because you must keep your old switch/contactor to shoot with the Jack To get access to the nozzle,unscrew the front of the Jack’s cylinder This is the nozzle,not the same than polarstar fusion engine If you need to add grease,to handle your rubber.

.. Okey let’s plug all !!! Let’s plug the Jack to To FCU,smaller plug on the Jack,bigger on FCU beware to the sens done Of course,red plug to plug the battery Wire’s relay,we will just put it into the gear box Polarstar provide us the screw to remove the original one into the trigger block To pass the pneumatic/air wire and a nice Polarstar sticker,inside the package Just to show you,this is the pneumatic/air wire To show the type of contactor that Polarstar provide us with a protection on teflon on,good,but i have nothing to plug this,i’m going to change it later I will not show how to disassembly The A&K M249,just i’m going to open the gearbox remove the spring guide,This one is becoming useless now unscrew all the screws I have already removed everything inside the gearbox in waiting my Jack to prepare it remove absolutely everything,just keep the switch very important done lipo battery 7.

4V,a very small battery let’s plug to switch on the FCU i have already put the Jack into its location I plug a new male contactor instead the original one,i have nothing else to plug,just a personnal choice To plug into my female contactor,”as daddy into mummy”.

..lol now the system is under pressure,i’m going to start at 60 psi to test I’m going to start to manipulate the FCU,this moment was the beginning,i didn’t really know what to expect Just push the FCU to reach the program’s mod,swicth one more time to come back to shoot Into the program’s mod use the Joystick to move and change the settings I put everything into its location to reassembly the gear box and test Reassembly,plug the battery and test it works! very well Here the trigger block and the screw provided by polarstar,to remove the original one this new screw is not full,so we’re going to put the air wire/pneumatic into this hole,and exit it by the grip Something special about my M249 i had to file the body into this red circle because it was not possible to pass the pneumatic wire And you need to drill or remove the plate into the grip to pass the air hose(that i call air wire or pneumatic wire.

…sorry my english is not perfect) This is my machine gun,let’s test it with the chrony i’m sorry,i have failed to film the chrony’s screen…. at 110-115 psi, i have between 311 and 315 fps with a rate of fire of 25 bb/s Now let’s try with a silencer,to hear the noise it’s hard to hear this with the camera’s microphone,but it’s very efficient less silent than mk23 NBB with its silencer or a bolt,but better than all the rest of airsoft gun In conclusion Yes i’m statisfied at this moment of the polarstar Jack for my 249 more reactivity,choose your rate of fire to 30 BB/s and more if you succeed to set it burst,full auto.

..very pleasant,i appreciate stealth with the silencer awesome about air consumption,we will check it in my next video in game with my M249 I must keep in mind to get accuracy and enough range i turn my air tank on 115 psi Polarstar tell us about Jack that,longer is you inner barrel and tighter,more you have fps.

..About me i have a 362 mm 6.03 Madbull Now i have got 315 fps that’s Okey for me MMMMMMmmmmm Longer and Tighter….mm? uuh…No,shut up,it’s not about what you think… i have tryed to set Fps from the FCU,i have twiddled everything,nothing change.

.. You twiddle what? No that’s enough,get out now… i need to familiarize more with the FCU i needed some days to have a good understanding of it Then it becomes easy and it’s very appreciable So “Yes” i recommand this Polarstar Jack for all who want get HPA with a price more affordable We will check it next time in game into my next video with my M249 Thanks for wathcing and see you soon !


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