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Airsoft Review – OPS Rifle Weapon Catch Multicam Molle – real english sub

Airsoft Review – OPS Rifle Weapon Catch Multicam Molle – real english sub

Hello everybody, let’s go for a small review I will show you the weapon catch So what is this gear? I’m fan of all gadgets for airsoft and when I discover this thing I tried to get one to test The brand is OPS which should be a cheap brand because I didn’t find informations about it The weapon catch is made in cordura 500D and should have a Crye Multicam color it should be a real MC fabric but I’m not an expert on MC I let you check the color I think it’s not the good color at all You can close the weapon catch with a Velcro band Flexible with reinforcement inside There is velcro on the other side to let it open On the main part, there is a metal reinforcement but this one is too flexible to “catch” the weapon without using the velcro system They should used a stronger reinforcement because it’s not really usefull like this You can attach it with two Molle loop which work well, with a little Velcro for secured the attachement I think this could fit on a belt, but I didn’t try It should be resistant enough for this kind of use As you can see, the finition level is not very good There are lot of little threads which detach from the weapon catch and still now Despite that, the quality is good, after some game with it, I didn’t notice weak part I attach the weapon catch on my molle belt I think it’s a good position, it depends of your preference When you are in game, you can keep it closed and when you want to use it if you don’t need your primary weapon you can put your primary weapon on the weapon catch like this If you have a pistol, you can use it and continue to play with it or if you are on the neutral camp the gun will not move It’s very cool! Look out the position of the gun, with my sling, it’s mandatory to hold the gun on the trigger area Maybe it’s not the best position but it’s my choice, you will see Here or Above It’s a personal choice Depends where you attach the weapon catch, the sling, etc There are many possibilities As you can see, it’s pretty fast to use, usefull The retention is very good I can jump, run, move It’s not disturbing Be careful of the crouch or sit position Except this, it works perfectly I will summarize what I said until now as conclusion I bought this product 20€ You can find the website link in the description Positive points The MOLLE attachment is simple to use The weapon catch fulfills his function It’s very simple to use and to manipulate For a cheap quality, after some use, it’s quite solid it does not give the impression to break as soon as you will use it Negative points I don’t like the metal strip because it’s too light and flexible I would like a hard strip, less easy to twist because it’s not possible to use the weapon catch without close the other part Then the color which doesn’t look like a real MC It’s not a big point because the camo is quite good but for those are really pernickety about the color, they should not be satisfied Last point The finishing quality is not really good There are lot of thread which unstitch It does not affect the general quality of the product, because it’s possible to have the same on some pro product But for this product, it’s a little bit too much There are lot of other brand which make the same kind of product, not cheap like mine But it’s not the same price, 50, 60 or even 70€ I didn’t want to spend so much money for a gadget I guarantee this product is rare on the field and is attractive and even in game, it’s pretty usefull when you want to play with your pistol only


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