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Airsoft: Review of the “Colt 45” Handgun

Airsoft: Review of the “Colt 45” Handgun

what is up do a review on my airsoft pistol which the clip has three babies in it now try getting in there STBs is and there now um so let’s start off this is a colt 45 replica yourself pretty nice pre not that banged up but the lip holds 15 normally little knife whatever so it’s a colt 45 replica the safety is there so safety is pretty nice smooth this say you um drop the clip out the cool thing about this gun is if you can see you see that ya get depressed that every time we want to shoot so you have to go like that and hold the trailer to shoot sit these off so you can’t just go which is kind of a another safety feature that’s kind of cool so um do a test real quick so I’ll be right back back we have something behind it speech paper on paper our insight look and since it’s only a spring loaded gun and upset me on Mac I’m gonna do one test shot so it should be cocked I think so yes a shot be bounced all over my room so I mean this is a pretty good hole for BB that only let’s move all the paper out so for a BB that is three times as small as a whole and even left the debt in there hit it let’s look at that in the metal or ten thing that this is so on things like and subscribe okay so now we’re going to do the specs of the gun this gun shoot about 60 to 50 feet non windy probably 65 at the most um has about 425 to 500 FPS you can get it at a store for about and I’ll see sixty seventy dollars not it’s not too pricey for a very good airsoft pistol which one did they don’t like is that a spring but it’s a very accurate spring and very easy to handle a [ __ ] so I don’t really mind that much that’s basically the specs of it not my opinion of it very very good i like it i use it about every airsoft war I have to automatic to on automatic m16s which are okay they’re not the best but I think I’ll go against fully full metal ak’s and other fully automatics and I’ll actually take them out in free-for-alls quicker faster stronger I guess you could even say so i mostly want all the free strolls so that’s my opinion on the airsoft colt 45 so thanks like and subscribe


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