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[AIRSOFT] Review N°63 – Checker-Balancer pour LiPo – CellMeter-7 v2 (Pro-Tronik) [HD]

[AIRSOFT] Review N°63 – Checker-Balancer pour LiPo – CellMeter-7 v2 (Pro-Tronik) [HD]

but good morning everyone and welcome to this new video then today I presented you a small electronic accessory this is the senator this v2 from pro tronic therefore small device that allows to check the ability to check a small little state of vaud lipo battery as you can see it comes in a blister pack even with a cardboard bottom which also serves as instructions for use then notice in French So that’s very good then concerning the device so it looks like this you have a display screen with three buttons and two types of socket on the side what interests us is especially the batteries of the ipo because for others how other types of batteries in particular have nests and matches we can not plug them in because the connection planned yeah it’s a small connection and in addition it is planned only for ni-mh batteries between two and seven cells so that means that it would exclude the batteries 9 volts 6 so for their image in fact it is the device itself does not have power supply it is the battery that we are going to test which will supply power to the device so we are interested in lipo batteries so in our case you plug in you take a paula battery it’s a this volt this volt 4 you put the two little keys wrong happened on see well on the top and you plug the plug on the first commentitte connections here are therefore named numbered from month 1/2 to 7 so you put the plug here the device turns on so there it gives you the total voltage so yes I was surprised the 7 volts cat obviously provide a little higher level the talent that gives you also the charge level so there 83% then with this button you can change the type of battery so for we are lipo then you have the button the one that allows you to give the voltage part by cell then if it is this volt 4 you have 2 if you have an 11 you will have a third amplitude figure So this gives the total first cell second cell third possibly if you have a 1 ounce then you have the mode button which gives you the difference between the two cells finally the maximum difference between the two or three cells moreover if you have three cells with them of the eleven a tasty one gives the voltage per cell and the total voltage so what is also interesting with what this case is that in some cases you may have big charles difference between different items you have a notion of rebalancing so to do this just take the type button where the master has not pressed until the beep is there so it rebalances and your blood pressure so once you’re done, you just unplug the battery the box is a it also works with batteries monobloc one of course I have a little more gap maybe than hilmar balanced very slightly yes I was sixteen earlier there we have 15 so here is this little video is finished I hope you will have liked it hesitate not to comment on the ikea subscribe as usual do not forget either my facebook page osprey 90 and on this I wish you have a good day that the resources are with you and see you next time ciao no how are you


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