Home Airsoft Reviews *Airsoft Review* Maruzen Walther P38 6mm BB version | German Deutsch

*Airsoft Review* Maruzen Walther P38 6mm BB version | German Deutsch

*Airsoft Review* Maruzen Walther P38 6mm BB version | German Deutsch

Hi my name is Bruce. Welcome to BB2K Airsoft Channel Today I show you the Maruzen Walther P38 Please switch on the subtitle, because I will not talk now The Walther P38 comes in a plain box. Included is a manual a pack of 6mm BBs a Hopup key and of course the P38.

The Maruzen Walther P38 is a excellent License replica of the world famous pistol. The weapon consists of 90% of sturdy plastic. Important parts and small functional parts are made of metal. The magazine is also made of metal.

It has a capacity of 12 shots. A gas filling is enough for two magazine. The P38 is a GBB Airsoft – The function of the slide is like the Real Steel If the Safty is active, the hammer can not tighten and the trigger remains without function.

The pistol has a double action trigger. The Maruzen has a very good blowback effect. In slow motion you can see beautiful as the slide works. The P38 has a weight of 725 grams Maruzen has thought of all original Markings.

Besides the Logo “Walther P38”, all parts comes with a “stamped number” I will show you this in the “Close Up” part of the video Maruzen say 250 FPS for the P38. Let’s see what I can do. I have to correct the attitude.

On 10 meters I have a Results radius of 4 cm With this knowledge, I go now to 15 meters. On 15 meters i enlarged the radius of 6cm. The gas is coming to an end:-) First remove the magazine. First remove the magazine This lever unlocks the slide.

Like the Real Steel are here two slide springs. to release the barrel, this button must be pressed. Here is the adjustment screw for the Hopup and reassemble…. The slide lock must be below for installation.

Now the slide lock must be pressed. slide again back in the gun. slide back again in the gun and now lock the lever. Insert the magazine -> Finish The Walther P38 was from 1935 the standard service pistol of the Wehrmacht.

By the end of the war approximately 1.2 million units have been produced by the P.38. Almost identical is the Walther P1, the successor of the P38. The design features of P38 is also found again on the Beretta 92F (M9).


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