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*Airsoft Review* Marushin SIG P210-6 6mm BB version | Deutsch – German

*Airsoft Review* Marushin SIG P210-6 6mm BB version  | Deutsch – German

Hello and welcome to my BB2K Airsoft Channel My name is Bruce. I showed you the Marushin SIG P210 last week. I said, that i’m still making a shooting video and show you how the SIG P210 works. goggles on, loading.

… Enjoy !! The Marushin SIG P210-6 consists mostly of plastic sight, hammer, magazine, catch lever and internal parts are metal. The Sig Sauer P210 was used by the german “Bundesgrenzschutz” in the P210-4 version.

The Marushin P210-6 is the sports version. The Marushin SIG P210-6 has a 12 round magazine and is shot with 6mm BBs. The Power is 280FPS if using 0.20g BBs. To protect the Airsoft use only HFC134a or 144a gas! Green Gas also works, but plastic damage is inevitable! There is also an 8mm version of the SIG P210-6 from Marushin.

It has chrome control panels and wood grips (plastic). I chrono with 0.20g BB’ s and 144a gas. The Power varies between 260-277 FPS A good value for 144a gas. Today, a zombie must suffer something đŸ™‚ shoot at 10 meters distance.

The hit pattern is very good . The zombie had no chance:-) the Marushin P210-6 is a GBB I use Ballistol Airsoftgas with silicone oil for care. The magazine capacity is 12 BBs finished To disassemble first remove the magazine.

The catch lever can now removed. Pull the slide back and hold it. Pull now the catch lever. pulled out the slide forwards. Here is the adjustment screw for Hopup. Now it is a little tricky. Fingernails are asked:-) gently pulling the spring backwards.

Keep the position and pull on the other side the pin from the holder. Now remove the outer barrel. The inner barrel with the Hopup is only mounted and can be easily removed. And reassemble:-) The Inner Barrel right here.

Both come now back into the slide. Something pressure is necessary put the bolt in the slide and press the pin. Now the pin back in the holder. function test…… all fits slide back into postion. The cache lever can be easily insert now.

Slide now fully backward and the catch lever completely press in. Insert the magazine again and finished Marushin have all Markings like the real steel. The SIG P210 is seen in films like “Quantum of Solace “, “Navy Seals” and “Once Upon a Time in America”.

The Real Steel was produced 1947 – 2006 in Switzerland and Germany. The military designation is: “Pistole 49”, M49 or “ModĂ©le 49”. In the Swiss army was detached from 1975 by the SIG P220.


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