Home Airsoft Reviews Airsoft review M500 mossberg cruiser airsoft shotgun

Airsoft review M500 mossberg cruiser airsoft shotgun

Airsoft review M500 mossberg cruiser airsoft shotgun

EDX me shot here another airsoft review today when we get over the m500 mossberg Cruiser airsoft shotgun this is the full metal kind you get for forty dollars over airsplat com that doesn’t come with anything special no glasses no speed loader just will pop up located right here hop up hop up because of course your strap hooks there and I there your safety is located save safety off your magazine we press this button right here it’ll pop up awesome holds about 10 babies so full metal like I said pump action shoots one at a time it’s quite nice 400 FPS it’s one of the highest FPS shotguns ahead on there about forty dollars it’s very very nice i like the little frame cover here this is also removable you look right here you can see screw for it and locate on this side removable if you don’t like that kind of look I don’t know who doesn’t though there’s no rail for this gun I know some shotguns do come with the rail put on like a little scope or a laser no no this gun pistol grip this is the only along with the pump these two are the only plastic things on the gun this is metal this is metal your pump rod red hairs metal everything is metal including the inside parts they got jams one time and I had to take it apart everything’s metal of course also your orange tip is plastic now we’re going to go over how to load the gun simply if you have a you know spring magazine reload with your bb this one has a little place where the speedloader actually made for it so slipping your half one with it I gotta get them out in there like I said 10 to 15 babies simply so you’re going to have to get quite a little click and this has been an airsoft view of the m500 mossberg airsoft shotgun cruiser let me know what you think leave some comments and rate the video please I’d like to see a lot of you guys subscribe that’d be great when be doing some more views coming up soon hope you guys enjoyed it


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