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Airsoft   Review   M4 VFC MP4

well hi everyone we meet again today for a video of presentation of a replica this is the main replica that I use most often during my airsoft game so we have here a m 4 death which was bought in October 2014 so a replica soon tell me if I believe that in gaza les nîmes besides therefore tht on this warehouse for a price of 350 euros of course with this word the exact share evening you here shopping menu and black and so I offered my feet from presentation of the external of the inter nancy give us my opinion therefore for the external one has a gp handle which was bought on earth refocuses on the podium for about fifteen euros so really very ergonomic and we have very very much less there privileges because it is more discreet and thicker and unlike conventional cuffs can’t wait to see this same 4 long and movie I believe a month truck later the language you see here I could not give you the mark I bought for twenty euros on amazon and frankly that is clear it’s simple said like that it helps yes there are several brightness modes there are the stream with fights with epileptics and of course but it enlightens and that not at all we come and on fire I count the good humor then we have a very young replica so an agreement to buy on inheritance airsoft for about sixty euros so with several degrees of brightness in red in glass I believe there are five starting colors and so here it is simply for ample for our activity while severine and learn and govern like we are not elite soldiers men and others actors must not be forgotten for the external so yes there is also the case words you see here it is a punjab and which has was made by the specops shop in poissy by the way it’s a very good shock that I advise you they are really very professional very commercial he advises does very well he sells replicas that range from props and prepare the replicas are external or internal of the hpa all that you want the polar star you really need that very correctly and not rip you off if, for example, you ask for a product review on product is shit with a version of aeras we will tell you yes yes it’s good every month ht month his tunic of money to the countries in our matches postponed to asnières problem no finally are not like that so I advise in this case here so this is a painting that was done by mythical special with a carboy a spray of f2 parker paint under the swiss arms brand a very good paint I recommend it and it is really very quickly that to him otherwise you finally apply it we go drink a coffee you go over a cigarette in 5 minutes you come back the trick and it’s what no need to put three layers even one really very well done they don’t know and no need to do any kind of sleeping and dating three hours between layers me it’s really very fast and spontaneous then to make the little worn effect that you see here on the butt on the handle all this on the logical areas took place the friction tomorrow you simply use acetone and where rub you want to do the first I wanted to make a circle finally one meeting after that you see it but no it’s really very good painting no flaking I played last week last sunday on big bang the weather was not really great these two float the fleet fell on liveleak the paint it’s up to scales and there is no smudge there is no more paint color at this time that she is apparently made three four months for the external is all after it is all and all these seeds and accessories there you see the genre added and the painting everything is fine original the body the butt the barrel everything is original for the internship then we will start with the engine I put a high tech s hs so I replace the place of the motor with these two logics and in the speed which is still enough us because it is made for the cadence still knows automatic my luck is sometimes it goes away all the same a lot of good reason but I play semi as the majority of lifesaving arts currently do it is the minimum wage is privileged it is better at the economic level bie realism also because the associations that the volt rules imposed know it is not more evil therefore the aitor koala the only sector in particular a very torquey engine that to make a good reactivity of the entry tickets put fairly fast and frankly for the price what is one of the best engines i think i’m not the first to do the feed back on it and the reputation is well established then I put a piston of the same brand and its chair in metal with the second bench threadbare to correct the concern of the goal in the engagement of subjects put an au pair oar soft track head so it is a fairly expensive head still a sport of 16 euros so yes it’s zorro we like it’s expensive for the head of the pistons for something you are 2 mm in diameter, finally two centimeters in diameter it hurts but here are these two there are two joints toric and these two highways that will make the difference, that is to say that the the replica is really and finally the seal is really really surprising or shoot me I tested the last at chrono ten years guy I passed the reply to chronicles on five shots 340 to 342 species therefore two species of differences it’s really frankly I never had a replica too regular power most of my team members when he replies to beliefs and between 340 and 360 or even three hundred seventy I find it a bit boring no less criminal acts add the mark on the door and it will affect the stability of the shots I find it nice full rate you also end up on the seal I changed so name it I like the nex with a mauritian contract gorilla who owned a delta ring so I find the airflow to be much more important and sealing also follows between the hatch droppings so here it is and if you have a block at the pro clubs in which is bought on have f for twenty euros so I have I exchanged it I inserted it is already because it is much more resistant than the original toilet which is plastic is also who raised his two rich can not welcome every day to the people its false good have it in mind every joined to the people they say are compatible and everything is an object unfortunately with tdc the block is so specific to say that they have specific ribs that allow you to insert the block that the seal death me I try to put the seal a yellow prometheus people is that I currently have and this is my second of the tries it got ripped so much that the block at the top of the series as brothers really paid attention to that and be vigilant and also I changed so I put this block there because the block open original death therefore able to be classic with the dial in front in front of you like a clock it allows an adjustment in front of the problem is that as the cylinder head the right slap active accounts are functional on this burial replica turned out that the wheel for Sénart on the top side and blow bah you pull the eight graves do you adjust to said it’s good it’s correct it pulls well you close the flow 30 meters fell so this is also a second reason why block exchanges like I meant a somewhat promising purple game like the reputation is no longer bring in the world very good compromise for the door and the precision is here So you see we see people overtake cash claims in canon that if its style the row 2 of the brand fire in 4 107 mm so really this replica and precise good door is therefore useful scope the control the scope useful from the 55 60 m range beyond the balls start to fall disperses but really I touch and inhuman even at 65 m with less luck has of course it disperses with the wind is also the fauna of there the race of the city but here we are going to say ah yeah 55 60 m of range I touch since tell you more about this replica internally the tower effect frankly if I have to give you my opinion consequence if you want replicas which approximates rs models which is well finished and heavy which is sturdy and reliable out of the box here they are the tide is no longer able to divide the reputation of the brand the test is no longer to do if you want a replica of this same brand aedian the only thing i can fault bcc than what i had at the beginning so now this is corrected I don’t know why the dr eats well but before we started so I pulled the trigger from time to time so jams that’s a bit annoying so when it’s like that we go without crowd but a few kicks we saw a seedling and it starts again but hey I am not the first and I have a lot of beer in my team conversing conscious problems like this after what I can advise you to do is when you disassemble your box the first time you play a little people with the planes selector you maybe put a little bit of silicone oil and here it is it will be a little softer it will not give in times this is just that me when I am this problem there to the faults that I can blame the replica it may be the stroke of the trigger because not long good that after that is corrected and then the majority of the replicas do not have necessarily the trigger but system but I intend to test had with a small enclosed hamlet but precisely to reduce the relaxation courtyard which makes that the trigger will be sharp and engaged and the shot the small rapids will be much easier and and his homeland his paw and also close the right otherwise frankly here it is to the isie sis you we give with a reliable strong at the end of the tests it makes a big block metal what it will not break in your hands it’s me here I prefer even fullmetal if it’s a little heavy at least it’s solid it is close to rs I am not plastic, I am not, for example, even if there are gg metal replicas but that’s his part of the game apart from the guy from me that you may have gone 2mm of play but it’s nothing at all what these same here I am I will be with you strict and if so the banks in sur du concrete but here it is you see it still looks like the targeted facts otherwise it will not break what it is if you are a minimum of silky you know how how to shoot you know how to play it won’t break you in the names so here I think I have done the trick on that applies if you have pony advice questions even in terms of video editing alesi car there I’m still brand new to this channel on the channel and it’s hot matters in the matter do not hesitate I am taker of any advice if you have any questions do not hesitate to let me know in the comments I will try to answer them as best as possible so here it is by then I tell you me do well and soon on the chain for we professional videos you Sunday follow well and me day Hi


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