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Airsoft Review M4 ICS (Fr)

Airsoft Review M4 ICS (Fr)

hello to all today a new revioo we know the n 4 of his 6 aces then the appetite delivered with a charger so hoisted s of capacities 320 seems to me for the battery so the asthma battery is put here in the water in the 20 stations it’s a bit complicated now because tomorrow so there we have the kitchen is an important then what concerns the dig so the racing remains 24.

1 in Olympic plastic and you in metal except the load the gard tomorrow and the butt the uop so the people are here so it is the small wheel is right there then as for the power she makes an adjoul gimmick so it’s quite high a tale read battery so it is not in the gard tomorrow I recommend nine flights 6 and for what is the cadence with a police battery it is still enough quite high so it’s open and sata their dia speed so there you go see when I said in calan it’s really very high already with a pole 4 and an 8 24 before it was already said to this rather high ceyrat so there with ne the fly 620 we go so here it is all for habit of the harvest here is what if the video did you like do not hesitate to leave a gem let go to a comment in the comments area is to subscribe to the channel if it’s not good made


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