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Airsoft Review – Lens Protection Eotech Element vs Guns Modify – real eng sub

Airsoft Review – Lens Protection Eotech Element vs Guns Modify – real eng sub

Hello everybody, it’s Vasriotaep, let’s go for a new video Today, I will show you this Oups no no no this one is for another day But I will show you something in relation with this! sûr ça A lens protection for our Eotech red dot Useful to avoid breaking the glass when a poor bbs hit the red dot Because one bb is enough to destroy the glass and so the red dot is ready for the bin I have two products for this video First, the Element lens protection I bought it for 5€ on the shop Phenix Airsoft You can find the link on the description Then the second one, bought recently, the lens protection from GunsModify A little bit more expensive, 14€, shipping included I will show you how to install them and are they really efficient? Let’s go with the Element You can recognize it because the pin are thin and long Also, if you want to test the autofocus of your camera, try to make this kind of review is really hard for the camera Even review of red dot, it’s difficult to have a clear dot You can see the transparency Withtout background, it seems the transparency is correct Let me use something on the background to check if it’s true if there is distorsion or not I don’t know if you see correctly It’s hard with the autofocus It’s transparent but If you don’t see it on the video, there is a small distortion It’s a kind of blur inside the plastic It’s light ok but it’s enough to be visible Now same exercice with the GunsModify As you can see, pins are not as longest than the Element and more largest And about the transparency this product is really higher in terms of price but moreover in terms of quality! Easy to check, the autofocus directly target the background There is no distortion at all No blur It’s really impressive So if we compare both protection There is a big difference, even about the size The GunsModify is rounded and the Element isn’t In fact, this doesn’t change anything I will not shoot on them for testing the resistance Maintly because I record on my flat and at this time, everybody are sleeping and they already get hit by some bbs without problem You can trust me Many on the Element As you can see, he didn’t break and no mark On the GunsModify, only one bb, and it’s ok too For install these lens protection, it’s not needed to disassembly the eotech Be careful because they are different kind of eotech cover, be sure you have enough space If you use a plastic dust cover, you can install lens protection If you don’t have the space, you should cut the pin and make a special mounting system By the way, I didn’t make the review of this eotech 552 yet It’s a repro from Samoon it’s a very good repro, I will make the review soon To install the Element lens protection, you have to push the protection inside the space between the red dot and the cover It’s really easy to install it You can see there is a small reflection It’s not bad for the game, nobody find me because I had a reflection on my red dot The protection isn’t too big once mounted What about the view? Wow I got a clear dot directly? cool In case of the camera didn’t show you, the dot is clear and no ghosting You can see that the background is white, and the glass of the eotech is darker, it’s not mainly due by the Element protection but this one is a little bit darker than the glass alone I try to show you the render with a closer look Catch my hand autofocus please It will not be better No big distortion, the vision is a little darker but clear enough and no bad reflection But as I said, still this kind of blur It’s probably because the quality of the plastic isn’t very good Now let’s go for the GunsModify protection The installation should be easy too because pin aren’t big as the Element version Yes perfect, it’s really easy too The reflection is really visible with the GunsModify protection There is so much reflection that you can see the back of the internal Once installed, it’s absolutely not visible by the flank You can see the glass is still darker than the background The protection is really more transparent than the Element version It’s really impressive, there is no distortion at all What do you have to buy between a protection from Element at 5€ or the GunsModify version at 14€ with shipping ? First, you have to consider the price, 5€ for the Element it’s really cheap And then you can find it everywhere While the GunsModify is really hard to find I find it on www.

scopeandlaser.com I didn’t know this site and the order was good If you search the best quality Honestly, 14€, it’s not money drop by the windows I’m really happy with the GunsModify protection because with the Element, the distortion wasn’t really cool I had some trouble to target, because of the blur, and especially with a magnifier I sold my magnifier because of the Element protection, so I can’t try again now but I’m sure with the GunsModify version it could be really better Of course they will both save your eotech if a bbs hit the protection With both of them, you will play with a free mind My choice is the GunsModify version, but after, you have to deal with the price, it’s your choice The Element version can do the job if you’re not as pernickety than me It’s finished for this video, I hope you like it Don’t hesitate to ask me question, share the video and like it You can come on my facebook I’m available Don’t forget to subscribe and see you!!


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