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*Airsoft Review * LCT LC-3 /G3A3 | English Subtitles – Deutsch


You were terrifying. Bruce here BB2K Airsoft Channel Thank you that you have my channel connected. Today i have THE replica in my hand. A beautiful piece of german military history as airsoft replica. This Airsoft would have been idial for my first airsoft game…. because old gun meets old man πŸ™‚ Unfortunately, this full steel monster was not available at this time. But now i hold it in my hand. THE LCT LC-3 4.5kg of pure steel. I am absolutely enthusiastic. I’m not talking anymore. Let’s smackdown the loadinglever and start the Intro. Let’s start with the review. For a long time i waited now it is on my table. The brand new LC-3 from LCT. The LC-3 comes in this Box with LCT Logo and LC-3 serie inscription. I am very assuming that other G3 models will follow. Below you can see the handguard of the SG1 with integrated bipod. This will probably the next version. I hope that LCT will bring out more G3 models in the future. I am very happy to see a PSG1 in my hand in the future?! But back to the LC-3.When i open the box, we do not see much. But what we see is damn heavy and yery high quality. I have here the LC-3! All know what gun the LC3 represents. I can not say because of licence law but i let Tim say what it is πŸ™‚ That’s right! Exactly that’s what i mean πŸ˜€ I am pleased that LCT has biuld that beauty for us. The selling price is only 398 Euro. When i heard the selling price i could not believe it. This is a very good price for a full steel and high quality airsoft. The productlinks i put for you in the video description. What else is included? I almost forgot. It has a manual and a catalog from 2017. That is all you get for 4.5kg of steel. Normally now the real steel part would come but i leave this for license reasons. Yes…what is the model…..hmmmm ? you know it, i know it…so crazy! I have here 60 years of “Bundeswehr” (german military) in my hand.The original was used for many years in the Bundeswehr and is still active today. The caliber is 7.62x51mm and the modern successor in this caliber is the H&K 417D. As an assault rifle successor in a small 5.56mm caliber is the H&K G36. and this here is the original “rock” in the caliber 7.62mm. And I’m sure when i press this airsoft a veteran in his hand he will say “OMG, where did you get that” πŸ™‚ He will not at first recognize what he holds in the hand. So genuine an authentic is that LC-3 The translation stops here. Please be patient.I will complete
it .


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