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Airsoft Review Lancer Tactical-MMC | Giveaway UPDATE

Airsoft Review Lancer Tactical-MMC | Giveaway UPDATE

what’s going on airsofters thanks for tuning today it’s a century lead hair soft TV my name is Drew and we are back today with a new gun review and what I have with me today is the Lancer tactical MMC so what I have with me is a Lancer tactical MMC electric blowback assault AAG assault rifle rather now this guy’s actually been provided by fox airsoft our current sponsor so if you haven’t seen any of our previous videos that involve fox airsoft definitely click up here for a little video that i put up together for foxy yourself and what my personal opinions were and make sure you watch at the end of the video for any special offers that are there yes a special offer but getting back into the gun now this is actually a Lancer tactical guy that was provided again with from Fox airsoft and I’ve been really pleased with Lancer tactical for the past few months already because the first initial AJ that I got from them are actually the first ng that I actually saw at an airsoft store playing around with it and actually is holding in your hands it’s actually pretty cool but the feel for the older lancer tip and Lancer tactical models that I saw were outdated they were old and you know I couldn’t really blame Lancer tactical I probably would blame the the airsoft store because they really don’t keep anything in stock or they don’t have newer up-to-date guns that they have so but you know it was my first impression lacha tactic but it wasn’t really that good but reading up into the company and actually getting this gut in my hands it’s actually really good it’s actually a lot better than I imagined I’m not sure if you guys saw the previous video but definitely click on the link below to check it out because it is it is there you definitely watch that review but from that video not much has changed it does offer a few different things that are here the first thing you’ll notice is the bear length so the previous video I had was a 10 and a half inch barrel length this is 14 and a half so it does give you that realistic look to it when it comes to having an m4 so that way when it comes to playing airsoft you have that really cool look to it the only thing is that where the 14 and a half you know most m4s you can definitely put a suppressor on which make it look a little more intimidating or for certain reasons when it comes to extending your barrel things like that but with something like this I don’t recommend putting a suppressor because of the fact that it’s a not really excited about what the barrels already protruding from the gun so having another length of adding a suppressor and he’s going to increase the size of your gun which then can make it difficult for transport or anything like that but it’s up to you you know you can definitely do whatever you want to your gun but personally because of the fact that the bare leg is already long I would probably leave it maybe change at the flash hider depending on your local gun laws but up top you’ll see here we have front and rear flip up sights which is great so you have some sites to start off with so essentially this gun is really pretty much ready out of the box which is great obviously charge of your battery now up top as well too if you’re not a big fan of the front front and rear sights you can always remove them by using a X here and allen wrench and be able to put any of your favorite optics I personally use a red dot sight because looking through a scope not really that fun unless if you’re using a sniper rifle but I don’t have a sniper rifle and I only use my m4 but you can definitely put any type of scope you want whether if it’s an eotech scope an optic scope a red dot scope or whatever you want it is definitely there and read if you because you have so much real estate up top which is great and what that’s what I really like about it because you can put any type of accessory not having to worry about do i need this do i need that but having just a sight just remove the front and rear sights to put your favorite sites in there it’s ready to go okay now getting back into the gun over here we actually have an adjustable crane stock so this is your typical crane stock which you’ve probably seen already in a lot of airsoft aeg s primary like jean g elite force and things like that it’s actually one of my favorite stocks because in effect it’s comfortable it’s adjustable it’s not like your standard stock we can’t really adjust it but it actually does have your no slip rubber pad in the back so it’s great so it doesn’t slip off as you’re aiming down your sights but this stock also does house your browser battery so it does run off on a butterfly type or an unchecked iPad or whatever you like to call it so definitely all you have to do is push the tabs open and remove the piece and place your batter you can see the wires or actually not the wires but yeah your your wiring is already in here so it’s definitely a a great gun to have when it comes to using it for CQ outdoors and also if it’s going to be your first airsoft gun I like it a lot having trouble putting the water back and I don’t want to cut the wire give me one second guys actually yeah there we go and now getting back into the gun you actually have a single steel point sling mount which is great so if you are ambidextrous if you’re right-handed or left-handed it does come with both on each side left and right so if you like to wear an you’re right because I’m right-handed or if you’re a lefty definitely it’s a lot easier so that we have to really adjust anything it’s already there for you which is great now this also does have a high speed and a high torque motor which is great so when it comes to pulling the trigger you’re going to notice it’s pretty responsive and great now the FPS on this guy is about 4 22 4 430 using point2 grand point 20 grand bb’s so again this is really more like an outdoor gun or you know you can be cqb depending on the field but usually the CQB fields that I’ve been two or three 50 in max as far as FPS but again it’s definitely great for outdoors now one thing that I want to want to point out is actually what’s really cool is the the hop-up adjustment tool so normally when you adjust your hop-up all you have to do is pull the charging handle you have to hold it then adjust it and then fire and see how it goes in this case what’s so good about this because all you do is pull the the charging handle back and you have access to your hop-up right over here so you can definitely adjust your hop-up and getting more back here at shot but once you’re done press a bolt release on the opposite side of the gun and you hear the click that really loud click that means it’s been released so when it comes to having feature it’s definitely great because of the fact that it has that realistic look especially if you’re going to put your magazine in right and pull the charging handle heck you’re ready to go but it does can’t it does sound a little bit intimidating as you can tell push the fault really Serleena [ __ ] again and you’re pretty much good to go now again like I said this gun is definitely great for first-timers and definitely i recommend it to a lot of people are just getting into hair soft definitely check out fox airsoft because this gun retails for about one hundred eighty five dollars which is great as an entry-level gun it’s under 200 bucks and it’s definitely pretty good when it comes to playing airsoft I like it a lot again but I really like my ICS a lot better because it’s a lot a lot more easier to use because it’s a lot more compact and a little bit heavier but smaller now also one other thing I forgot to mention this cuz this gun does come in two different colors black and tan so definitely check it out on fox airsoft website and if you haven’t seen our video for a special offer definitely click on that video over here again because if you watch a special offer you can use that special offer in fox airsoft website and be able to apply it to anything that you have when it comes to using for airsoft equipment gear guns whatever you like and definitely check it out now one other thing that I want to mention as well too because we haven’t been here for about two weeks we have our giveaway I know you guys have been patiently patiently waiting for about this giveaway I promise you it’s going to happen tomorrow i will give everybody else another chance to make sure they get their entries in now be sure if you haven’t seen that video be sure to click a here click up top here here on this side to check out the video that we have as far as a giveaway and follow the rules and definitely participate because it’s a really cool giveaway and again it’s something to say thank you to you guys because we’ve hit our a thousand subscriber of weeks ago and i know i think we’re at 1300 which whoa but definitely check it out and i’ll see you guys later so make sure one thing make sure that if you are going to be playing airsoft be sure to wear full seal I protection when it comes to playing a game safety first is always a plus and I’ll see you guys later really guys I’ll see you later post these pictures on Instagram about the giveaway riposte repost it on your account and basically you’re going to use the hashtag hashtag tacticool chce a 2015 that’s all you’re going to do so hashtag it or Palestine


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