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*Airsoft Review* KWC Colt Python 4 Inch & 6 Inch Black – Gas Version | Deutsch German |

*Airsoft Review* KWC Colt Python 4 Inch & 6 Inch Black – Gas Version | Deutsch German |

This is the old 1. version KWC Colt Python. Made of ABS plastic. It is operated with gas and tolerates also Green Gas. It is loaded with six metal cartridges. Each Cartridge can be loaded with 4 6mm BBs.

A total of 24 shots. Ideal for Airsoftgame. This KWC revolver is identical to Tokyo Marui. but the marui can not removed the cartridge. In 2014 KWC has released a 2. version of the Colt Python with CO2 Power.

But It looks not like a Python! It ​​does not match with the original dimensions! The frame is much too wide! For me: A Dan Wesson in Python Costume:-) Chrono the 4 inch version with 0.20g BBs and Green Gas.

The Power varies between 176-204 FPS. Shooting from 10 meters with the 4 inch version. something too deep from dead center but a good group. Here the 6 inch version of the KWC Colt Python. This version from importer Cybergun has no Colt Markings.

and the letter “Python 357” on the barrel is very slightly marked. 2014 KingArms also brought a Colt Python on the market. This is made of metal and looks visually better than the 2. version of the KWC Python.

However, the grip is too long and does not match with the original Colt Python! Chrono of the 6 inch version with 0.20g BBs and Green Gas. The power is weaker despite 6 inches! It varies between 168-193 FPS.

Target shooting at 10 meters with the 6 inch version. the long barrel pays off. The group is located closer together. Brief comparison of the two boxes. Here is the orignal KWC box, with manual, targets, a pack of BBs and a loading bar.

The KWC / Cybergun box Again, instructions and a pack of BBs comparison of the versions. The 4 inches KWC has the Colt logo. And a beautiful embossed on the barrel. The Cybergun Colt has no logo And the embossing “Python 357” is very weak KWC logo on the frame for both version.

A Safty is located under the hammer. When activated, the hammer and the trigger can not be operated. The gas tank is located in the grip Each cartridge can be loaded with 4 BBs. Makes 24 shots at fully loaded revolver On the Tokyo Marui Festival 2014 Marui has introduced a new Colt Python.

This will come with removable cartridges! For me, the best alternative to KingArms and the new KWC Python! I am excited when the new Tokyo Marui Python comes! The real Colt Python was produced 1955 – 2005.

It is available in the variants 2.5, 3, 4, 6 and 8 inches. The Colt Python has the caliber 357 Magnum. It can be seen in many movies. 1976 appeared even a movie with entitled “Police Python 357”. Famous Python Owner in films: Hutch (David Soul – Starsky and Hutch) William Bodie (Lewis Collins – The Professionals) Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln – The Walking Dead)


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