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*Airsoft Review * KWA MP9 / B&T MP9 A1 | Deutsch – English Subtitle

*Airsoft Review * KWA MP9 /  B&T MP9 A1  | Deutsch – English Subtitle

Hello my name is Bruce back from the holidays welcome to my BB2K channel ready for some review action 🙂 i start today with the B&T MP9 Airsoft from KWA. I wish you much fun and i have to say: this sound I’ve missed on holiday 🙂 i begin with a short unboxing these airsoft has been around since 2010 long in the business you will not believe, Bruce has never had a mp9.

I am glad that the SNIPER AS company has sent me accidentally the KWA MP9 for my review. inadvertently? I wanted from SNIPER AS an Marui M&P9 and SNIPER send me a MP9. what a funny confusion 🙂 i am happy about it, because this is my first MP9 in my hands let’s start with the quick unboxing.

the Airsoft is delivered in this beautiful box. Included is these manual you this ASG Logo? the MP9 is produced in cooperation with ASG. that means for us: Full License Law and original markings on the airsoft! at next a hopup key a little bag of BB’s for the quick start a metal gas magazine with 48 rounds capacity and of course the B&T MP9 from KWA you see here the Tan version in the A1 variant you can buy it at SNIPER AS (german store) for 219,- Euro.

you can choose the airsoft in tan, black or green. Alternatively, in the A3 variant without handle but with a front railsystem. Also in tan, black or green. The Shop Links you can see in the video description.

I have said enough. I’ll show you the MP9 in motion. this MP9 has a cool recoil and a super sound! It is really fun! And now it is time for the “bodycheck” The KWA B&T MP9 has a weight of 1700g feels heavy and solid well balanced.

shoot with one hand is not a problem. the airsoft has a lenght of 305 mm. expanded the length is 527mm The B&T has a glock typical saftey. There are no external saftey switches present. i show you the saftey now.

do you see this “nose” in the trigger?. This is the saftey! if you pull the trigger without the “nose”, nothing happens. if you pull the trigger with the “nose”, the shot comes. here you see the fireselector.

one red dot meens you are in semi modus now. if you press it you see the selector on the over side of the gun you see now 3 points. Now it would be in full-auto mode…… but in germany full-auto is not allowed.

in Full Auto Mode. the selector disturbs the trigger finger a little bit. you see it? so press the selector back to the semi mode, because the selector is so not important in Germany. the kwa mp9 consisting of 90% plastic the lower, the upper, the folding stock and the charging handle are made of plastic.

the trigger and the fire selector are made of plastic. metal parts are: flashhider, railsystem on the side, front and rear sight. the rear is adjustable (left / right) the last metal part is the slidecatch I disassemble now the airsoft and show you the internals.

To disassemble you need a screwdriver this screw must be removed next step. Press this button and carefully open the MP9 (Attention Spring) remove the spring finished. now a close look to the internals you see many metal parts the spring and the bar are made of steel the flashhider is made of aluminum this two front parts are made of steel the bolt is made of aluminum also the hammer the guide rails are made of steel also the slidecatch a good design is the reinforcement steel in the rear area.

Here you see a rubber bumper. This protects the system. that provides stability I assemble the mp9. because it’s time for the chrono. according to the manufacturer’s instructions has the KWA MP9 1,1 Joule (350 FPS) the temperature is 24 degrees.

I shot with 0,20g BB and Walter Greengas over 400 FPS … a good value to the beginning of the review i told you that KWA build the MP9 in cooperation with ASG this means full licensing and lots of markings.

on the bolt you see the caliber and a serial number behind the folding stock you see the B&T Logo. B&T stands for Brügger & Thomet more on this in the real steel part of this review. here you see the important” F” for the german market and the caliber 6mm.

on the back of the airsoft you see MP9. MP9 stands for machinepistol 9 (caliber 9mm) and finally a little B & T logo. Now i come to the real steel MP9. the mp9 was produced between 1997 and 2001 by the company B&T.

B&T stands for Brügger & Thomet It is the successor of the Steyr TMP B&T bought the rights to the TMP. The TMP has been further developed to MP9. MP9 stands for machinepistol 9 (caliber) the optical difference to the TMP: The Railsystem and the folding stock.

the civilian version of the MP9 is TP9. the TP9 is semi only ….. like the german version of the KWA MP9 😉 you can buy the Real Steel with a 15,20,25 or 30 rounds magazine. the lucky owners of the KWA Mp9 even have a 48 round magazine 🙂 Back to the airsoft version.

It is now time for traget shooting. now to the target shooting. i shot a A4 size target on 30 meter. i shot with 0,28g BB and Walther Greengas the temperature Feels 50K degrees 🙂 No the temerature is about 34 degrees.

( i quite sweat) I’m curious how the MP9 runs on 30 meters i shot 2 x 10 BB on the target that was it. Now the next 10 shots it is reloaded. the results are too low. I will now aim a little higher. I’m curious about the result let’s look at what I hit on 30 meter.

the first 10 shots were a little too deep. in the second passage, I have corrected it. i fired 20 shots and 19 shots on the target. 13 on the A4 Paper and 7 in the scoring. with the short barrel of the KWA MP9 a good result! I am happy! what do you say? Is this a good result for you? I am very satisfied with this result and now continues with the review.

I get to the pros and cons of the KWA MP9 as I told you at the beginning of the video. I have the MP9 never had in my hand. also at the end of my reviews, I am thrilled with the MP9! it is very practical.

No problem to shoot with one hand. thanks to folding stock also very good with two hands. it is compact. ideal for CQB and also as a powerful backup. good accuracy at 30 meters the 48 shot magazine is very economical! with one gas filling are possible 5 – 6 BB fillings.

the airsoft is made of plastic but is very solidly built. nothing wobbles! a steel-reinforced rear ensures stability. the bolt can not destroy the frame. original markings. great for the collector. Unfortunately white printed markings! which reduces the manufacturing costs but does not look as nice What else is there to say? Really good is the sound and the recoil.

That sounds really cool 🙂 it looks good and has a modern design great, there are several varieties and colors. A1 or A3. you can get it in tan, black or green. all for 219 euros. I find that absolutely OK I personally like the TAN Version if I’m honest.

I do not want to return it to SNIPER AS 🙂 but it is only borrowed and must be returned. maybe I’ll buy it later for my collection that was my Last Word for the KWA B&T MP9 Review. I hope you liked it give me a Like or a subscription.

I would be happy 🙂 i hope i you in my next review. Goodbye and does it well. Bruce


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