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*Airsoft Review* KJW / Haw San Mad Max Shotgun Madbull Shell | Deutsch German

*Airsoft Review* KJW / Haw San Mad Max Shotgun Madbull Shell | Deutsch German

The KJW or Haw San Mad Max Shotgun is loaded with these shells. These shells leak quickly and have handling and performance problems. On the right side you can see the gas tank and the valve. the blue one can be filled with up to 6 BBs Comparing the KJW shell with the Madbull Shell.

you can see the size difference immediately. Visually, the Madbull shell is more a shotgun shell. The valve is located on the side. The gas tank tolerate Green Gas and CO2. Up to 600 FPS can be reached (CO2).

Unfortunately the Madbull Shell does not fit in the Mad Max Shotgun. The barrel is too far and the Inner Barrel too deep inside. In order to use the Madbull Shell, i let build a sleeve for it. The sleeve has the same dimensions as the KJW Shell.

how the KJW shell, also this sleeve have the Connector to the Inner Barrel. The Madbull shell fits perfectly in the sleeve So there is no gap for Inner Barrel. The performance is guaranteed. There is also a new ejector was prepared.

The ejector fits flush with the sleeve and provides for easy removal of the shells. To install the Madbull Conversion the forgrip must removed. Now, the barrel can be removed from the system. The ejector is removed next.

The ejector can be removed by unscrewing the two screws . And get away with it. Now the two sleeves are slightly used. The ejector is recognized to determine the correct position of the sleeves next. Now firmly press all right.

mount the new ejector. Perfect:-) put it all together again. The ejector pulls the Madbull Shells clean out the double barrel. Done. Time for the Chrono Test:-) The values ​​vary a little depending on gas charge.

But as you can see are also 2.9 joules possible. the average is 476 FPS / 2.1 joules it is really a Shotgun: the BBs scatters in all directions 🙂 Even today, the zombie could not bite me 🙂 The KJW Mad Max Shotgun is made of metal and real wood.

Each shell can be filled with 1-6 BBs. When shot, the shell completely unloads If you have large hands, you can use the shotgun with one hand. The Shotgun works with the Madbull shells really well. The sawed-off shotgun is the classics in all action movies.

It is known especially by the Mad Max trilogy. Antonio Banderas as El Mariachi in “Desperado” Milla Jovovich as Alice in “Resident Evil” Bruce Campbell as Ash Williams in “The Evil Dead” GROOVY


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