Home Airsoft Reviews Airsoft Review / ICS CXP-MARS SBR con sistema S3 (español, pt.1/2)

Airsoft Review / ICS CXP-MARS SBR con sistema S3 (español, pt.1/2)

Airsoft Review / ICS CXP-MARS SBR con sistema S3 (español, pt.1/2)

Hi guys how are you doing? Today we are doing a review on an AEG lent to us by Robert This is the ICS CXP MARS SBR Short Battle Rifle Check it out this is it. This one has some customizations Like the stock, grip and suppressor This is the shortest one in the MARS series And it has a 25 cm internal barrel and 6.

03 calibre This hand guard has keymod sections On the sides and below It includes 1 long keyed compatible rail and two short ones Its full metal, the only plastic parts are The pistol grip and the stock Besides that we have a match style trigger Its a flat trigger design and will help with rapid fire in semi In case you didn’t know The MARS series comes with the S3 system Its an electronic system that is integral with the gearbox Helps diagnose the AEG, the battery and give you its status You can also program it so instead of full auto you get a 3 round burst This system lives inside the lower half of the great ICS split gearbox This is great We also have the mag release, selector lever and sling plate on both sides.

Foldable iron sights Front and rear, windage and elevation are adjustable. It also has EBB system So each time it fires, the “bolt” will move forth and back So, lets check it out… It adds to the realism So with this we can conclude the review on the externals Now lets open it up and speak about internals So as with all CXP ICS AEGs You have a split gearbox This one has the quick spring change feature If you are an airsoft technician, you know this is really welcome In the lower half we have the gears This ones are really high quality, and will last a lot.

Personally I think this are some of the best out there A very noticeable change is that We don’t see the traditional trigger spring This is the S3 electronic system and status light will help you to manage it.

When the battery is low, it will tel you know With a quick rumble on the trigger So you can swap it out and avoid malfunctions It has a metallic hop-up unit The adjustment is done with this wheel being it a rotary type, it will keep its setting better vibration does not affect it as much as traditional type hop-ups Now, lets shoot it a bit Lets chrono it So, stock it shoots 390-396 fps Maybe a bit hot.

.. Lets try the full auto It fires about 1142 RPM Which are 19 BPS To end this review, lets do a small shooting test. We will be using this targets And we will use a DIY target holder You can build yours, check this link Its less than $100 MXN or $4.

5 USD So, to the firing range. Ok, so this is the grouping At about 21 yds good spread for such a short gun So, this is it for this review Hope you find this very informative See you around, bye!


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