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*Airsoft Review * Hephaestus Project T Tavor TAR21 | Deutsch – English Subtitle

*Airsoft Review * Hephaestus Project T  Tavor TAR21  | Deutsch – English Subtitle

Hello friends. Bruce here BB2K Airsoft. Today i sho you the S&T TAR21 AEG. A nice airsoft but the sound…….. is not as nice!!! you can easy change the sound with the Hephaestus magic spice 🙂 Sprinkle everything.

….. so it looks good……. perfect and then it sounds like this… so it needs to be!! you know it. I made a joke! Today I will not show you the S&T TAR21 but the masterpiece of hephaestus: The Project-T I wish you a lot of fun.

so it must sound!!! you had to wait a long time. Now it’s on my table. The 300 pieces Limited Project T from Hepahestus. Project-T stands for a beautyful Tavor TAR-21 Lets take a look to the Box. the Airsoft is delivered in a simple cardboard with Hephaestus and Project-T stciker.

The Airsoft is protected in foil. This postcard is a link to the manual on the Internet (QR-Code) it comes with a GHK M4 gas magazine and of course the Tavor TAR21. it is used by the Israeli army. Thanks to the Bulup system it is compact and good for CQB and wide terrain.

the body is made of polymer and is very light. Caliber 5.56mm with a standard M4/M16 Magazine. Advantage: It is interchangeable between TAR 21 and M4 / M16 Back to the airsoft version and the specific nature of the PROJECT-T.

The Project-T is limited to 300 pieces worldwide. It is a gasblowback version of a TAR21. Hephaestus is the name of a Greek god. the god of fire and gunsmiths. the name is well chosen. The company is known for its high quality products.

Now to the BODYCHECK and lets start with the body. It is based on the professional Line S&T TAR21. The body is very stable and Hephaestus reinforced the body too. We continue with a few data: Semi only fire mode (only for the german market!) Now to the chrono.

Manufacturer values: 440FPS /1.80 Joule. i shoot 6 times I have also reached the factory preset values. we move closer to this masterpiece of hepheastus. Hephaestus has removed everything from the airsoft.

The remains: The body, Flashhider, barrel, sights, rail, loading lever, trigger, fire selector, mag release and the bolt release. A new GBB system was developed and supplemented with GHK G5 parts. This also explains the GHK M4 version 2 magazine It is also possible to insert a GHK G5 Magazine.

I come now to the haptics and my opinion for S&T Body. i do not like the S&T body. It’s called profesional line but it looks and feels very cheap. What i really find bad is this: The S&T Body comes in two parts.

Do you see the ugly edge?! I would have preferred the one piece ARES TAR21 Body. 3 colors are available: TAN, OD and BLACK you can remove the flashhider for mounting silencers for example. two mounting points for the sling where you can adjust the hopup? you need to unscrew this cap.

behind the cap is the hopup adjustment. the front sight is made of aluminium and it is horizontally adjustable. The back sight can fold back and have no adjustments. the rail is on the right and front for attaching sights and other accessories.

the fire selector made of aluminium has 3 position: SAFE, SEMI & FULLAUTO Fullauto is not allowed in germany so we can only shoot in semi mode. on the other side you can see the selector settings too.

Otherside is a good question. what about left-handers??? The Project-T is also for left-handers. You can switch the loading lever, the fireselector and the bolt cover to the other side. the magazine is a GHK M4 Type 2.

It is made of metal and has a capacity of 30 rounds. you can also use GHK G5 magazine. I think this type looks much cooler on the TAR21. i show you now how to insert the magazine. here you can see the mag release.

Push it to release the magazine. Like the reals steel. To shoot the TAR 21 you must be operated once the loading lever. another nice feature is the moving bolt (gasblowback). i show this in slow motion.

can you see it? Another cool feature is the bolt stops in the open postion after the last shoot. now you can change the magagzin. To release the bolt you must press this button here. And you are ready to go.

The Project-T has a good kick and the sound is fantastic. Through the bulpup system the bolt is near my ear. so I get the full action 🙂 it is not so extreme as the WE L85 GBB. You need a hearing protection for the L85 🙂 The Hephaestus Tavor is still very enjoyable.

now tragedy markings. unfortunately all markings are removed because of the trademark Law 🙁 You wonder: The orignal S&T has all markings but this is no S&T anymore. It is now a Hephaestus…. so the law is strictly.

the markings have been removed clean. At the point of the Markings you see now the German “F” and the importer logo (SNIPER AS). A glueing of the marking would be great, so you can remove this. But that would be a shadowy matter 🙂 Would have bought the importer also the licensing law, i think this airsoft would be more expensive! you have to pay 619 euros for the project-t.

The airsoft was sold out within 2 weeks in germany I bought the last one. After that it was sold out at the shop SNIPER AS. But my friend Gee had more luck. He got a customer returns at the SNIPER AS Oktoberfest.

Now it is time for the shooting test with the PROJECT-T. The weather is very warm for November. Good for the gassystem 🙂 I shoot on 30 meter a A4 size Target. I use 0,28g BB and H&K Greengas. I am supported by the ELEMENT T1 Reddot and the EOTECH MAGNIFIER 10 shoots out.

Lets see the result. Looks great Lets count the hits. every shot a hit on the A4 size Target. Despite strong winds a great result. Thanks to the aiming optics I could correct good. WELL DONE Hephaestus!!! Now to the PRO & CONTRA of the Project-T.

First pro point: It is a gasblowback version of the TAR21. I wait so long for this 🙂 Hephaestus makes a good job.The inside function and quality is very good. I do not like the body. The S&T casing looks cheap and is only two parts.

The Airsoft is expensive and because the optics must match with the selling price. So an ARES Body would be the better choice. very well-balanced weapon. very compact and easy to carry I am thrilled with the shooting performance.

very good performance on 30 meter. No Markings available (only Germany) But the SNIPER-AS Shop makes a good job of thinking about german airsoft fans and bring us this special airsoft. 300 pieces worldwide.

SNIPER AS could not get many. But I am happy that I still get a piece. The Project-T is no player Airsoft. You can play well with it of course. STD GHK magazine, good precision all good. but the problem with spare parts is always present.

I do not know if Hephaestus produced spare parts in the future. For me it is therefore a collector Airsoft! Buy recommendation for the collector definitely. Problem is availability. You have to search the web.

Do not ask me, I will not sell it 🙂 For me is the Project-T, the Socom Gear M107 and the APS CAM M870 a highlight of the year 2015. That was my last word of the review from the Hephaestus Project-T I would like to greet still RAZR HD.

I have promised it. This review is for you 🙂 I hope that everyone else had fun. Long you had to wait for the review If you like give me a like or subscripe my channel and i hope i see you next time.

Bye bruce


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