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Hello everyone today I am presenting you the globe 17 from vw on so on a gas blowback replica therefore movable cylinder head the box we like our simple black some rare indications on the game side concerning the replica but no characteristics nothing on the cradle here is decorated with a beautiful little sticker that spoils the che 17 this is how we find two small manuals so the manual specific to the replica of the ch w or plasticized of which concerning all blocks have been donated in English the smallest of the treaty the replica is in the form of a poster then a user manual in French so know how to use gas replicas therefore disassembled operation is guaranteed precautions standard use the box itself does not contain absolutely nothing not to repeat that she chandler batby not to create allen no freeze cleaning nothing applied it protected by a kind of paper cardboard not a very strong zf box so it is invites the polystyrene to con who comes is not everywhere so here is another 20 so the replica here is me I was able to the black version and anne the distortions black therefore complete the cylinder head in abs for a cylinder head put the first in abs sorry length of the replica of 100 mm so goes cm for a weight of 800 grams the length of the internal cable is 97 mm for a diameter of 6.

05 rather than quite original but without the security is at the level so there is a first at the level of tail relax you may i like being there now you see yourself well that she has two so this one right security room the other side we have the trigger tail so if you apply on the trigger tail these deaths either to force like a good one it will not work it is necessary to press on both at the same time so the security is first and there you have it walk then you have security too below the level of the front rail so quite simply a small piece of metal that you must push towards you there is a small arrow can not fool you so i you don’t do it because I don’t have that so I don’t have elegant so here it is level of markings so we just have the simple I have seventeen with marc and tactical both 19 legault from home w on the handle our side gaasbakk systems serial number made in taiwan during serial number number 2 is still made a few extracts from the inscriptions haunted pardon on the nose I supposes a special marking of his prize list So here we see the very simple wooden sights at the front and at the back see typical of high level block to charge therefore it is a fullmetal charger of 25 or in the name therefore gas on charge gas for 8 hours then charger when practicing at home w is that we can access it directly through talent without making any as at kw by passing by removing the talent then by accessing the bomb or very simple the chainel vault back down you load your balls the gas ejection valve is here behind classic so there a power announced at 280 fps obviously depending on the gas as use according to the outside temperature personally I use gas from shale milking and extreme global that’s easy what more can I say I took from 280 hp exceeds the chronicles last Sunday while playing type at 265 270 entrusted totally fine for me which is perfect I think you got back in good comfort 13-14 of caunes is certainly understandable but after the summer when it will be very hot with the line in my opinion in the snatch the faces so here so I will I will advise this moment there so good as I say a little of its rails at the front here so could y put small accessories me personally I put a lamp prostitutes no can complain about it so I personally find that it gives a prettier look is the replica balance room especially the more we mainly ensure the lack of money so the opep in itself adjustable obviously and is a little the cylinder head so I gonna try to do it to you without the big names like this i show you how to remove the cylinder head in passing so to disassemble the cylinder head you must first receive to load then you yes this little button there and the other which are our two sides so here you are clothing and both down optional to the rear seats like this when I do it not work what is happening here it was not working you have the cylinder head in two parts like this me I am cleaning therefore perceives time that the business in me once the gone or once every two parties but otherwise it is problematic not serious either but it poses a problem so here is the setting the opep is here here is the little roulette wheel which is here so here is to remove it you have there during a recall you dismantle you remove the fishing block of 40 precision and it is therefore for metella breech I am indignant and the handle obviously it works not complicated you put your charger back so the original callus by specifying I have 6 052 97 mm with a day to the people black like this so here I am I release them I put a 6th row queer with a day told me go Belgian on it which does its job wonderfully very good range very good precision especially to bring more point p16 discuss in May but the precision is really great so if I were to draw a positive opinion from the negative opinion of this reply I would say in the negative the filling of the 10 bounces shitting it you have to take the world apart every time yes they are and here you have not the retention of the springs as on the charger from kwr but in counterpart you have the trap to put the gas directly to worship so going charger talent and plastic taste to do be careful because if we repeat the charger is screwed up as a positive opinion except 5 at least frankly very good than original iqt original man very good range very good precision very nice finish also there are not too many traces of molding voila voila leg on which incidentally starts to seem every time you back away so good it’s not surprising I ask to make a little slip also the cylinder head good we’ll see that later what can others say will make a very good reply a very good very pleasant kick to take in hand the mcb big hands here there is here there is nothing more to say so i’m not doing a shooting thesis now you know i had in a residence I will do it for you very very soon so order their faith for the glock 19 at kwh on a police-type target but this times this will be a little more pushed because I looked on the desire to see some results and then here is one more that is to say on this I leave you I let you quickly admire the replica behind times very very pleasant to take in hand very well finished so here it is with g8 I also use two other chargers apart from it is loaded in tail in line for the moment it’s been two months since I wanted I thought of everything none good problem here frankly it is one to make a purchase to make your eyes closed especially on the kind warehouse where to find it at the price due at the price of 89 euros 90 is the object bought so his generation 3 they change from a godmother which do not change for generation 4 except that the g20 are four at calls to promise at this level but otherwise the replica is in itself it’s the same So here it is I finished and I say to you soon


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