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Airsoft Review G&G FN Herstal SCAR-L

Airsoft Review G&G FN Herstal SCAR-L

Today were going to take a look at the G&G FN Herstal SCAR Light now obviously this video is being brought to you by my friends at godfathers airsoft dot com where you can purchase this gun Godfather Airsoft has fast shipping they give three times manufactures warranty free shipping on orders over a hundred and forty nine dollars that price match just a great company so check it out.

the G&G FN Hertal Scar L airsoft on Godfather airsoft dot com.n the link to purchase it is in description below This is another joint venture between cyber gun in G&G Sacramento homes licensing rights the F in her stall name and G&G obviously manufactures the gun forum now what this means for you and I and the end users is we get a very authentic replica it’s got have been urged all trades on it and me we got to worry about you know we chose not to worry about getting sued because there’s own stuff but they’re not supposed to we can call a star lol gonna have been her stalin of the stupid names for so licensing is good for the heirs of community I love the relationship between G&G and saigon to produce these weapons the other nice thing about it is check this thing out yes even the more he’s in a GM scars in Dec 01 stars all the funky green collars and blacking of Canada there’s so many colors on a mandate only as can be this saying here GNG quality look at some colors is buzz me is a good-looking replica got the FN Herstal trades on the side he just can’t go wrong self gf and her style starlets it out today we’ll take a closer look and then we’ll take it out on the range and we’ll see how it performs now the GNG offenders doll scar since its collaboration between Simon Gagne GNG comes in is very pretty boxes but we don’t care about the box now in what you gonna get with your GNG scar you get a manual as well as I have a gun is pretty short and concise botulism a name thing is now which is how to get that battery in and out on these things up because cars are a little difficult on the battery I get the little barrel cover hey I’m at well answer which wasn’t dressed have never seen a gun this was up in the mag well just keep it from the store many during shipping in and you get a of plastic front sight a high adjustment tool you also get the repin which is pretty cool and then it comes with the born fifty-round mental high capacity magazine okay now the exterior features others gun start on this and you got a I’ll classic black shiny forty million account clockwise threads it does have the the chip on a bit so mixes are an authentic replica so no you know call Godfather airsoft again CNN’s broke thats was supposed to be I got a front website rear flip-up sight both made metal obviously the front gas block on his mental on the upper receiver is also mentally a full-length rail from one end to the other the lower receiver on a is Palmer G&G makes a great Palmer receiver very thick material very durable the rails on on the sides and bottom are indeed a metal rails the rear stock buttstock is in Palmer to you got adjustable cheek rest here and then as sex positions up that you can just 22 it is a fully ambidextrous weapon yet fire selector on both sides you have a magazine release on both sides you also have been a function in both cash and the ball releases right here does sound a little teeny but it does work bomb as you can see here as the FN her stock traded since this is a licensed this is a licensed gun which makes it all that much better gonna individual serial number this nice construction you know nothin nothing short of expect them to G&G top rails all numbered soviet taking off to coffee you know where to put it back on and the exterior finish on it is is just great you know I mean you get what you expect that a G&G and for this price gun I’ll is absolutely flawless outbox great looking great feeling gone the sling mounts on this plane is flying mount you got one on each side is a metal on the front you also have one on each side on the rear the I’m this site has two those eyes just a single and then you have one right here on top the stock we also mount no a/c help lonnie about positions matches laying on course it is a side full stock locks in place going to enter a film something a little short again this fall that baby our to and you’re good to go so exterior finish on his guns excellent the fire selectors nathan kress same you go with this post to every time on the magazine releases are little step on em but you know they function and as you can see me again in the mag well I was very tight I’m sure over time and where in a little bit but its the magazine’s good tight fit on mag release a little bit stiff but over time not aware and as far as the internal go on this gun got a plastic cup of Jama rest on a barrel a metal gearbox housing at seven millimeter barings %uh you know steel years all the stuff you expect in a proline gun I’m not going to take the air box out and show you the internals on this side don’t like working on these cars I’ve worked on a couple they seem to be kind of a pain on but it is a a dealer a G&G proline gearbox so we all know GNG make some college stuff so we’re not gonna take it apart not the new office bad boy as I usually say now the battery compartment on these cars is another small issue on they don’t have a lot of space they will take a 9.

6 volt battery but you gotta get it all in there just perfect in all the wiring on the way or you might not get the closes an adjustment on the stock which for me nobody else when you put it all away and I’ll you know the sites can up in your face I I really don’t like it on that setting anyways but it will fit a 9.

6 volt many battery no problem got to get a battery pushes pan out right here and that removes a pop star now expose your your views any wire and it does have low resistance oh ok or wire in the new police start on the way out and you see there’s a law poll back here the spring-loaded cash tonight issues screwdriver and you got up percent down in spring loaded and condom thank you for quite some time call that’s got another spring loaded the 10 up all to hang on to it I’m and and that’s why you get the stock of and then you slide your battery in there and like I said if you get to 9.

6 wall you get your wiring just right you’ll be able to go all the way and no problem on but there’s not a lot of space in there for batteries I have a nine points in small nunchuck are many battery in here of it pretty good there’s a lot extra wiring so I didn’t get the the stock when go all the way and but basically from the you know it’s a little tight on these cars I definitely run a 9.

6 volt on as I was kinda disappointed with the performance on a point for all an extremely slow rate of fire om so you definitely want to run a 9.6 ball now inside here you have these to contact rod said you gotta be careful when you put it back together means you manana this another break here you can see these are pretty flexible they’re pretty fancy no on a bend a mile and when I do when I put it back together get your battery all situated and then I can a arm those two pieces will the two wires will go on here and the rundown decided to start so i cant get those in their first and then once they’re in there you know you can just landed back in the forecast a lot of times doesn’t work unless you push it down here on the back um it just doesn’t catch quite right and as you can see what I’m take the magazine now it ripped the all cats and then also when I put it back in there does again so the the the ball catch doesn’t work quite right and I definitely I found this out high last night was I’ll shooting at don’t be just a hop up in relying on the polecats in to keep your finger from getting crimes than that because it just doesn’t function right and I’m a little disappointed by that on the urgency what you make fantastic guns is no need to cut corners no and not whatever reason but he says and sometimes can’t just sometimes it doesn’t com and was really disappointed that my said definitely don’t stink finger in there that ball pens a whole day with the hand the other hand ally and this is gonna tip overall scars um there’s not a lot a room to get your finger into just a hop off in the G&G hopper wheels very stiff cuz you know opposites calmly made unit so it’s a little hard for me to get my fingers in there and we can move the hop-up I like I said the mag release buttons their little Steph oMG I’m sure over time that ok I know where and that was another little pet peeve of mine and then the other big complaint I had about this condo then the Pro Bowl cash is the wiring they left an exposed wire here rather than use the VFC style upstart gonna which is in my opinion GNG they just shouldn’t vision and done that nation you know put a little more thought in the wiring harness back here on did something a little little different than that but that’s where it goes you get what you get I definitely if you buy it is gone I’d go ahead and take got take the bus stop of and put some shrink wrapper some electrical tape is something else that can get may be pinged first before the insulation does dogs as you can see right here it’s got a little slot that the wires because the fold into home but you know in the heat of battle was a chance that that’s that wires going up perfectly I’ll go back into that slot so that was my biggest complaint with this guy and I’m you know really don’t think there’s a good move on their part do that but that’s the way it goes with the scars ok ok ok ok


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