Home Airsoft Reviews airsoft review G&G Crane Stock CM16 Carbine Airsoft AEG Rifle – (Tan)

airsoft review G&G Crane Stock CM16 Carbine Airsoft AEG Rifle – (Tan)

airsoft review G&G Crane Stock CM16 Carbine Airsoft AEG Rifle – (Tan)

hello this is airsoft to action 33 here today we’re doing the review on the ebike comm special edition G&G crane stock cm16 carved by an airsoft AG rifle in tan i’m gonna show you some special features about this gun before you start this is one of the steals on the gun which is one of the special features which you get with the gun cleat aeg series mm game by G&G airsoft made in Taiwan this is your switch selector has safe semi and full auto here’s the even calm logo this is the sixth position retractable crane stock the buffering tube is full metal in the current stock you can hold a nine point six butterfly battery high impact polymer receiver fully upgradeable gearbox column or carrying handle full metal sight hot high torque long type motor full metal trigger and trigger guard high-impact handguard full metal outer barrel plastic flat fortunately I did not still have the packaging for this done but I do remember what it comes in this gun comes with this manual then it throw away by accident it comes with a standard four hundred round high cap magazine fortunately it does not come with a battery charger and it won’t have done itself now I’m going to show you how to put the battery in first you take off this rubber button then this will come on off off with it then you will be revealed with your connector and you will have your sixth point you have your 9.

6 volt battery you stick to stick to one side of the nunchuck and one side you want something the other then you have to shove this connect the connector switch in so it stays in you put this piece on and then you put the rubber butt plate on and not to tell you put the battery on you this is the aftermath after the shooting test as you can see in this as you can see in the shooting test this gun is very accurate I recommend this gun for beginners and intermediate players but not advanced unless you want to fast indecent shooting gun it shoots about 350 to 400 FPS and that was the review of this go


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