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Airsoft Review – G&G CQB-S Mini AEG Desert Tan

Airsoft Review – G&G CQB-S Mini AEG Desert Tan

what’s up airsoft Atlanta TV is Matt here with the G&G CQB s mini with the first look of the gun you can obviously tell it’s got some unique features we’ve got black and tan all over this thing which i think is a really good contrast also we’ve got these rail covers that come in the package which cover up the metal rail system up in the front with a polymer body like the combat machines the charging handle does function to pull back for the hop up because just the blowback the pneumatic blowback from G&G one of the other features is we’ve got this rail system that goes up over the entire length of the gun with that one little gap right there but there’s no optics that come with this iron or any other like red dot battery operated optics so aftermarket wise you’ve got so many options you can put on there because you’ve got the rail space with the flash hider up in front it is actually a mock suppressor that’s been built into the weapon so you’ve got that unique look right out of the box as far as the magazine is concerned this is a 120 round mid-cap magazine that comes with the weapon that you’ll notice the follower extrudes from the top of the magazine that means that every one of your bb’s is going to be used when you’re firing this weapon the battery is stored in the rear of the weapon in the crane stock like most of the G&G packages we have for sale also speaking of batteries we have two packages for this gun we have the gun by itself and we also have the combo package that comes with a battery and a smart charger also located the rear of the weapon we have an ambidextrous attachment point for your one point slings so the righties and the lefties they have their options for slings right there so great cqb weapon right out of the box you got tiny little package has that FPS the for CQB so I mean just a great feeling gun all-around for more information on the CQB s mini check out WWE soft atlanta.



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