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Airsoft Review for the Sig Sauer P230

Airsoft Review for the Sig Sauer P230

hey youtube or yourself girl you’re going to be doing a little reveal on a gun i just bought today’s sports authority for ten dollars and that is the sig sauer p 235 swiss arms it’s the most popular backup gun in the game so far that that it’s again like recommended for the secondaries and you can buy some holster sport there’s four different kinds there’s the tactical hip holster horizontal shoulder holster leg holster and vertical shoulder holster it comes with the gun two different mags and ultrasonic babies point 12 6 millimeter so take the mag out press this pull it out that’s one thing I can’t don’t like about it have it doesn’t just fall out like the one better pistols do so there’s two mags to load the mags you push the babies in the other thing that I kind of just like there’s no way to pull the spring back you just push him down push them and go all through there I’ve never been able to get all the way around it stops about their I think that’s where it’s supposed to so you just slide the mag back in go to push cock it shoot it safety right there so just locks trigger this when you cock it this little does not stay down just goes right back up just for looks and so it came with the instruction manual cautioned and what not to do and little magazine thing of all their products so so far it’s been an ok gun not very accurate out the best accuracy but it’s pretty good for beginners if you’re a beginner and you want to go buy cheap airsoft gun this is it 12 gets only 10 bucks and yeah it’s about if you have any questions send me a message leave a comment and here’s a link if you want check out my channel right now have some other good vids have some Wars I have some other reviews unboxings and if you have any questions as I said again leave comment or send me a message


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