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Airsoft Review – Fast Bang for Grenade Kimera JR by Precision Mechanics from army-shop.be – ENG SUB

Airsoft Review – Fast Bang for Grenade Kimera JR by Precision Mechanics from army-shop.be – ENG SUB

Hello everybody, let’s go for a new mini review I will talk about a Kimera JR accessory sold by precision mecanics and army shop It’s a fast bang, what’s a fast bang? It’s an alternative for 40mm pouch or mag pouch for grenade It’s used for carry grenade and pin them out in one movement Once opened it looks like this, 3 parts They’re sold for 10€ It’s just correct for what it is but I think it’s a little bit too high I think the best price should be 8€ But it’s not a bad product because you can see that it’s a very solid plastic There is no problem about the quality, they include the small snaplink it’s cool I used it during few games and there is no problem with the plastic quality I was afraid to break them at first but in fact it’s not breakable so easily, it’s very good As I said about Kimera JR Grenade, the finition isn’t really good There are molding and injection marks everywhere But I can say exactly the same that I said for grenade, it’s not important for me because they’ll be used strongly and just for carry grenade so the finition isn’t perfect, it’s not the end of the word Let’s go to the mounting part and then I will show you the render on my tactical belt It’s easy to install it You have to insert molle loop on the bottom hook Like this Then the molle loop on the upper hook because this part is flexible enough to allow it Don’t hesitate to use the force Then you have to put the “ring” part which come to finish the mount There is a special gap on the middle of the main part for it Now put the snaplink And it’s ok You have on your left a version with the grenade and on your right a version without grenade As you can see, without grenade it’s discreet It’s not too long, it not exceed the size of a pouch But because of the ring, it’s possible to catch some branch on the forest You have to deal with that, it’s your choice, for my part, it’s not a problem Still about the ring, will it keep his place if I press it with all my weight If you press it, it will move outside the main part! It’s normal because of the conception, but this mean if you pin against a wall, crawl, or pin against the ground, you can loose it If you want to avoid that, you can use glue but it’s a little excessive Or you can do like me and use a double face scotch tape to avoid losing this part Some double face scotch tape has a very good adhesive power, so it’s very useful To use them, just insert the grenade, and put the firing pin into the snap hook It’s really fast Now my grenade are ready be used To take the pin out of the grenade, you just have to pull the grenade out the fast bang and it’s ready to launch As you can see, it’s really fast and effective Be careful, the firing pin is a little long It’s maybe a security, to avoid bad actions But if you don’t use gloves, it can be painful It’s not a big deal, and at least, this help to know the direction you have to pull it out I try to oriented the pin like this You will try and find the best solution for you The review is now finished You can find links on the description If you like the video, don’t hesitate to like, share and comment 😉


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