Home Airsoft Reviews Airsoft-Review FAMAS F1 / Cybergun enhanced edition (MGA.tv) 1/3

Airsoft-Review FAMAS F1 / Cybergun enhanced edition (MGA.tv) 1/3

Airsoft-Review FAMAS F1 / Cybergun enhanced edition (MGA.tv) 1/3

hello people, welcome to the metal gsf channel again today a weapons review and this time we want to familiarize you with the farmer’s f1 from the house of two excavators thankfully from was made available to our sponsor csp and we want to begin with with you about the new improved version called in this case in change talk and finally draw a comparison to the previous one to submit a variant or something that was delivered beforehand, but we start first of all, as always with the original, the missing one is 1 you almost have to I would have said it is a french assault rifle from the beginning of the seventies years of development and since 19 75 also produced in series as the standard infantry weapon of the french armed forces and various others armed forces the square with standard in caliber 55 6 millimeters nato produces and today a distinction is made between the three variants f1 f2 and g2 so But now for the first model the whole thing is delivered in this one beautiful colorful cardboard that is there are colorfully printed pictures, text and numbers so you do with the thing what you actually always do with the box and that brings us to the scope of delivery The scope of delivery includes this barrel cleaner only part 1 4 volt battery with 1100 billion worth which you can soon carry with you as a replacement battery a so-called country water without an automatic switch-off function can be used In addition to that, throw away important information from gsg zum handling of the battery under water a multilingual illustrated and printed operating instructions and a product catalog from cyberdyne In addition, this tactical is part of the grip of the delivery trapped sensibly enough up here but has the normal straubinger actually with the screw mechanism screw is fastened from below like you can also see that you already have it These recesses are thought of where, for example, a cable switch could accommodate for lamps and laser assembly however, they do not live in the plant and cannot be cut out remove an idea that you may have in the factory about says should rethink so let’s get to the good part if you didn’t have one firmly in hand let’s start at the beginning you can see the muzzle flash damper has a gain outside 14 millimeters clockwise right behind the run you will find it adjusted like the original it is used to fire rifle grenades in the original With the weapon further back, the first thing we see is the carrying handle and below around the hand guard is provided with recesses on both sides so that you can You can easily insert your fingers down in the middle however also a machine among other things for the handle in between the extended side two legs that was mounted almost as standard are above the left and right of Qatar simple garnet visor the tensioning and loading lever, which is only decoration here, is in the handle itself you will find a visor stage and sides imaginable in the frontside in the middle is the second grenade visor that can be easily folded up And in the back the sights for combat distance to the original 200 and 300 meters that are set by various curls to let further back in the weapon you will find the indicated ejection window and the magazine creates with the magazine exclamation button the whole thing is covered with a Changing sides were banking requirements which in the original were used to exclaim evil this can also be covered by the original swap left to right if the shooter is left-handed at the very back You will find the assembly for this on the left and a rubberized shoulder support with a little profile that this does not slip, this can also be done by the way remove underneath is the electronic one fuse which in this case would mean original electricity from individual cases of continuous fire in our case of course only single fires from before the magazine creates you can find against magazine from hof magazine says itself the model name the caliber 6 mm and here below also the import marking and that creates the f in the pentagon in front of the magazine and the expansion lies in the the actual handle of this can be opened at the bottom and you can teach it here for example batteries co2 capsules or for example a cigarette stow depending on the intervention you will find the trigger lever and the trigger itself as well as the mechanical safety in front of it which in this case blocks the trigger in such a way that it is difficult, first of all and secondly not mechanically moving, so I can do that don’t solve a shot here that was first the rough overview of the dimensions of the details then that follows the video


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